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Dr. Woody Johnson


Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson has actively and successfully traded stock options, Forex and futures for about 10 years. He is the former Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente, Watts Counseling and Learning Center. He holds certificates in Accelerated Learning, Neurosensory Development and hypnotherapy among others. He has a passion for helping others to achieve their goals and get the results in trading and life that they desire.

He has provided clinical staff services in hospitals and community clinics as well. Woody has been using mind/body healing techniques both professionally and personally with much success for many years. He is the author of “From Pain to Profit: Secrets of the Peak Performance Trader."

Woody is an Online Trading Academy Instructor


Getting Your Mantal Game Together by Woody Johnson

Carl looked at the chart with interest and some trepidation. He had been here many times before. He was playing the NQ E-mini. The 60-minute chart showed what to him was a strong demand zone and he had placed his limit order to buy just below the top of the zone, and placed his OSO order to put a stop just below the bottom of the bottom of the zone... READ MORE


Know Your Emotional Pivots by Woody Johnson

Anne's furrowed brow and queasy stomach told the whole story. She had realized for some time that a thought, emotional, behavioral pattern had formed and was affecting her trading results. It seemed that every time she began her trading session and especially as she was about to enter a trade, her anxiety levels spiked... READ MORE


The Power of NOW by Woody Johnson

The phone rang and rang and rang before he noticed it; and even then, he refused to answer it. He said to himself, "Whatever or whomever it is can wait." Just then, as he glanced across his data, he briefly caught sight of a loss and his P&L was down. In fact, he had experienced three losses so far in this trading session. They barely registered on his radar. He was intently focused on the task at hand; that is, preparing his trade plan for the entry he saw on the ES E-mini where the price action was retracing back to a supply zone... READ MORE


You Must Manage What you Can't Control by Woody Johnson

Emotions...they are part of the essentials of what make you human; as essential as the importance of opposable thumbs; for without emotions, as with your thumbs, you would not have the same quality and flexibility of responses. Now, what is interesting is that some traders labor under the false belief that they must stamp out, eradicate or otherwise do away with their emotions in the trade... READ MORE


Are You Should-ing Youself? by Woody Johnson

Karla frowned at her screen. The price action on the daily YM E-mini chart had been in a mature symmetrical triangle price pattern, and it was not going up as she had expected or as she had outlined in her micro trade plan. In a few more minutes, the price action had dropped even further, very close to her stop. The anxiety and fear that she felt drove her to move that stop... READ MORE


Using Meditation to Remain Focused in the Heart of Battle by Woody Johnson

Marvin stirred slightly as the unobtrusive ring of the alarm went off to let him know that his time was up. It was still very early in the morning as he was finishing another one of his important components of his morning routine. He had been meditating for a few months now and he already noticed a difference in his ability to hold his focus more intently even through the incessant noise of his random thoughts... READ MORE


Beliefs: What You Hold True, Will Drive What You Do by Woody Johnson

Tom reeled from the sound. Even though it was in his head, it felt like it had just happened with all the force and humiliation of that moment over 37 years ago. It was hard to imagine that this event would still have the strength that it did. He remembered with stark clarity how in a parent-teacher meeting, his father had become furious because he had received a C on his Algebra final... READ MORE


Two Sides of the Trading Coin that Can Bring You Profit by Woody Johnson

Have you ever found yourself in a trade that later you wondered, "Who was controlling my mouse?" This happens because there are other "parts" of us that can emerge and they lurk in either side of our brains. As you probably know, we have two brain hemispheres that make up what can be termed "the dual brain... READ MORE


Change: You Must be Willing to do Something Differently by Woody Johnson

Sheila knew she was in trouble, and no matter how long she stared at the monitor, the picture was the same. She had taken a huge hit to her portfolio – 20% in one trade and in one day! It's not as though she was a complete novice; she had run into this type of issue before. In fact, she had promised herself that she would stop repeating this same mistake; that is, letting her emotions get in the way of her good sense... READ MORE


Remaining in Line with What Matters Most in teh Trade by Woody Johnson

Antonio remained unfazed as he watched it. Although the price action inched closer and closer to his stop, by all outward appearances, he was cool, calm and collected. But, underneath the surface, his heart still beat like a bass drum in a marching band; and he could feel the tightness coiling in the nape of his neck... READ MORE


Successful Trading Means Being Accountable.. Are You? by Woody Johnson

Richard heaved a heavy sigh. He was thoroughly perplexed, confused, frustrated and dejected as he struggled to understand why the stock he was trading had taken a dive in the late afternoon. The Earnings Report had good news and what's more, the Bloomberg analyst noted that it should rise. Well, it did, just before it crashed...with him in tow... READ MORE


The Importance of Tracking Your Trades by Woody Johnson

His thoughts raced and he still felt the remnants of the pounding in his chest. "Wow," he thought, that could have been disastrous. Kevin had taken a loss, but he actually found himself feeling upbeat and positive. Just weeks before, he would have kicked his desk while hurling expletives at himself, the market, his platform, the talking heads on news and anyone else within thinking distance. That was several weeks ago, before he had learned to use mental tools to bring his execution under control and his emotions under new management... READ MORE


Turning Down the Noise in Your Trading by Woody Johnson

Debra's heart jumped almost in the same manner as the green blast-off candle that kept rising on the 5-minute chart. It was on the NQ E-mini Futures, and she was dying to get in on what looked to her to be a sure thing. In fact, she heard herself saying, "This has money written all over it." Debra had been waiting, patiently at first, for a long opportunity... READ MORE


Fire Your Rep When You're Ready to Trade by Woody Johnson

Tracy was still angry with her husband even though the argument happened last night. She thought that since she "slept" on it that things would look a little differently today...they didn't. She and Bob had a good relationship, but sometimes "he could be so stubborn," she thought to herself... READ MORE


Self Discipline: Why is it so Difficult? by Woody Johnson

Max had had enough and in the words of the movie "Network," he was "...mad as hell and he wasn't going to take it anymore!" Max had taken several Futures classes from some very good instructors. He had a trade plan, and he had been told that it was fairly comprehensive... READ MORE


Develop a Trading Routine that will Bring Your 'A' Game by Woody Johnson

His sleep-filled eyes could barely focus on the chart staring back at him from the computer screen. He felt sluggish, his mind foggy, and his movements slow, but what was quite clear is that he had lost again. Oscar's anger began to rise through the fog as he asked the question, which fell like a dead weight on the silence around him... READ MORE


Get Out of your Way & on the Road to Profit by Woody Johnson

Does this sound familiar? Jack has a high profile leadership position. His job demands that he create a year-end report. Jack is well aware of how much effort and time it takes to competently deliver this report and every year Jack will wait till the last minute, incurring unnecessary stress and mental anguish, not to mention lost sleep to get it in on time... READ MORE


The Power of Practice, Part II by Woody Johnson

In last week's article, The Power of Practice, Part I, we looked at the importance of incorporating a TOTE in working towards your goals; that is, using a Test, Operate, Test, Exit approach to training yourself in strategies that are designed to get the results that you want... READ MORE


Trading is a Journey in Self Discovery by Woody Johnson

I know a trader, let's call him Leon. He day trades Futures. He has been actively trading for several years. His profits are erratic and undependable, often going dramatically up and down in the same session... READ MORE


The Power of Practice by Woody Johnson

Mastering anything involves learning, incessant practice, and being willing to fail...a lot. Failure is the secret key to success. That may sound contradictory on the surface; however, true achievers and champions will t

ell you that before they enjoyed the sweet smell of consistent victory, they tasted the brew of failure... READ MORE


The Power of Now by Woody Johnson

Debra looked at the candle on the daily chart. It was yesterday's candle and it was red just like several before it; and it looked good. You see, it represented a pull-back from a high several days ago on the YM E-mini. The high was the latest in several higher highs and higher lows that stretched back a few months representing a strong upward trend... READ MORE


Results-Orientated Thinking: Aiming for the Results You Want by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody discusses how results-oriented thinking helps you identify what you really "want" in trading. Trading is a purely mental game, and if you don't fully recognize and appreciate that, you are tossing your fate to serendipity, and you are gambling - which is usually, a losing deal... READ MORE


A Powerful Tool for Bringing Your "A" Game by Woody Johnson

Bringing your "A" game to your trading platform and ensuring that you are "in the moment, fully available, fully present and in the now" of the trade is crucial to getting the results that you want. Dr. Woody discusses how meditation can be a powerful tool in accomplishing this goal... READ MORE


To Trade in the Trenches, You Must Have a Trading to Win Focus by Woody Johnson

Like most emotions, doubt is normal. Dr. Woody discusses this and how you must decide which life strategy you are willing to undertake in the service of your trading... READ MORE


Tired of Crappy Results? Then Change Your Thinking by Woody Johnson

The results you experience can be traced directly to how and what you think. This week Dr. Woody discusses how if you are getting results that fly in the face of what you want, then you must change your thinking to break the pattern... READ MORE


Self-Hypnosis: A Major Key to Managing Emotions by Woody Johnson

One of the most powerful tools that you can have in your tool belt to manage emotions and greatly reduce the pain associated with "bone-headed" rule violations that ravage your trading account is self-hypnosis. Dr. Woody discusses how this technique, if practiced diligently, will yield massive benefits in your trading and your life... READ MORE


Some Essentials to Trading Successfully by Woody Johnson

Success in trading requires a number of crucial elements without which failure is all but guaranteed. In this week's article, Dr. Woody goes over some of these critical elements... READ MORE


Getting the Results that You Should Get by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody discusses how strong, positive habits like clarity of vision and thought, consistent effective behavior that follows a well constructed plan, well-established protocols, and effective routines will lead to getting the results that you should get... READ MORE


You Can't Change What You Can't Face by Woody Johnson

Contrary to popular thought among traders, there is no magic bullet or Holy Grail solution that can change the results you get when you trade - the solution to your problem lies within "you." This week Dr. Woody discusses how if you change your thinking, you can change your trading results... READ MORE


Are You Playing to Win, or Playing Not to Lose? by Woody Johnson

At the crux of bringing your "A" Game to your trading platform is your underlying philosophy and how you see the world. Dr. Woody revisits a previous topic in this week's article and asks again if you are playing to win or playing not to lose... READ MORE


Language - The Doorway to Getting Better Trading Results by Woody Johnson

The use of language is essential in directing a person's experience and focus of attention. You define yourself by the language you use. Dr. Woody describes how our language can make or break us in our trading endeavors... READ MORE


Filters: The Lenses Through Which We See the World by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody helps you become aware of your filters and when appropriate, to deliberately and by design use those filters to more easily direct you to the results you want. This is living by design and not by default. Take control of your trading and your life one event, one tool and one deliberate action at a time... READ MORE


Outcome Thinking: Aiming for the Results You Want by Woody Johnson

What kind of results are you getting in your trading? Are you violating your rules because you have been unable to keep your commitments, which have lead to disastrous draw downs and massive losses? Dr. Woody discusses how one of the things that is important in changing this scenario is to recalibrate what you are aiming for by targeting your thoughts to outcome thinking and results orientations... READ MORE


The Essentials of Documenting Your Traders:  Thought Journal/Trade Journal by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody discusses how important it is to document, record, measure and track your market participation through using a Trading and Thought Journal. These methods are essential to your success!... READ MORE


Take Your Trading to the Next Level: The Power of Alignment by Woody Johnson

Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle with loose or uneven wheels? They begin to wobble; the gears don't shift right, and the brakes rub, causing severe resistance and can even stop you. Humans are often out of alignment, but sadly, many don't recognize it. Dr. Woody looks at the importance of being properly aligned as this will help our successes in trading… READ MORE


Managing Your Emotions With Your Mind by Woody Johnson

The strongest mental modes are created in early childhood. These can affect your ability to be a successful trader. This week Dr. Woody takes a look at how it is important to examine the unconscious faulty beliefs that are motivating your erratic feelings that, in turn, drive bad behaviors creating results you don't want… READ MORE


The Motivation of a Child: It Can Catapult Your Trading by Woody Johnson

Children's obsessions and dogged determination to see, imitate, listen and learn about their world can be an example that drives you to be more successful in your trading. This week Dr. Woody looks at how those childhood passions can be rekindled and how you can use them to achieve the results you desire… READ MORE


Attitude - The Springboard for Being Passionate About Your Rules by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody identifies several myths in trading. He discusses that if you have the right attitude and make it a priority to be passionate about your rules, you can achieve your trading goals… READ MORE


Give Yourself a Trading Edge Through the Use of Anchors by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody discusses why successful traders know how to anchor their emotions and their self-confidence during times of turbulence. He gives you guidance on how to make anchors work for you in trading… READ MORE


Modeling Excellence is a Tool for Success by Woody Johnson

Dr. Woody discusses how some of your most fundamental skills have been acquired through modeling others. He explains why it is important for traders to model their trading paths after an expert in the field, achieving greater consistency in the skills they have which will lead to more trading successes… READ MORE


Who is Showing Up to Trade? by Woody Johnson

Did you know that you don't have to be mentally ill to have different personalities reside in your body? Dr. Woody tells you that this kind of personal and emotional volatility can play havoc on your trading account and what you can do to change it… READ MORE