Warren Seah


Warren examines commercial trading systems and has since started researching and analysing systems to uncover good systems which bring in consistent profits. By publishing all the research papers and detailed analysis online, he seeks to educate potential investors and traders on the world of trading the forex market with automated systems.

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Five Commandments of Every Forex Exit Strategies by Warren Seah
When Will You Exit a Trade? Identifying exits falls under the trading system category in that the exits should be placed at meaningful places in the market that are determined by support and resistance. With that said, it is important to always determine the initial exit prior to entering the trade... READ MORE


Automating Profit With Trailing Stop EA by Warren Seah
The popularity of the growth of forex trading has been influenced not only by the big gains but also because of the various developers creating systems that the traders could use easily. These robotic systems are commonly called robots or expert adviser (EA) used on the most popular trading software called Metatrader Trading Platform. The MetaTrader Expert Advisor is a tool amongst many, to help novice and experienced investors reap benefits whilst dabbling in foreign exchange trading... READ MORE


Winning Forex Trading With Trailing Stops by Warren Seah
Many traders attempt to lock in profits as the market moves in their favor by trailing the market with various trailing techniques. Personally, I use trailing stops every time I trade a trending based system. When these trailing stop strategies are used correctly, they manage the stop loss level such that they convert floating profit into 'earned' profit... READ MORE


Seven Common Stop Loss Exits by Warren Seah
A stop loss order will automatically close a trade at a set level in order to prevent further losses. If a buy order has been placed, then the stop level is set at a price that is lower than the buying price. On the other hand, if a sell order was triggered, then the stop will be placed above the selling price... READ MORE

Download Your Metatrader Partial Close EA by Warren Seah
Partial close is a technique that can convert some losing trades into profitable ones, reduce stress, and increase win rate. This technique of taking an early profit reduces stress while a trader is in a trade. The remaining positionss will be traded with less emotional stress such as fear and greed... READ MORE

Stop Loss - Have You Insured Your Forex Trades? by Warren Seah
Forex trading is a very profitable business but it can be also a very risky business that is if proper money management is not employed. If a forex trader don't make proper use of stop loss placements and trailing stop loss or take profit levels, he will be taking on high risk which means that any trades may bring his equity account to the risk of ruin. These tools are very essential, and it is very difficult to make profit in Forex without making proper use of these tools... READ MORE

Having a Forex Exit Strategy by Warren Seah
In forex trading, it is like any other type of businesses out there, it requires careful planning and execution. I could say that everyone has some sort of daily participation in Forex market everyday, which is using currency to pay or sell something... READ MORE

Forex Trading Without a Stop Loss? by Warren Seah
I will say that be responsible for your money and for your family. Be cautious and be vigilant. Practise money management to make money. Having a stop loss is the first step to practising sound money management... READ MORE

Forex Paper Trading - Baby Steps to Success by Warren Seah
When you were a kid, like all toddlers, you can't possibly stand on your own and walk by yourself. Your parents would encourage you by giving you a helping hand and assist you by first stimulating your leg muscles. As your leg muscles grow accustomed to supporting your own weight, you will start the proper ritual of walking on your own. This is akin to having a forex paper trading account before going into live account... READ MORE

Partial Close - Scaling Out Forex Profits by Warren Seah
Partial close is a type of exit strategy where the forex trader plan his trade exit in several increments as opposed to closing the entire position at once. Partial close method is performed by closing a portion of it's overall trade size as the trade becomes profitable and continue to their profit target. This technique allows traders to capture smaller profits faster while leaving the position open as the market moves farther in their favor... READ MORE

Defining Your Forex Trading Strategy by Warren Seah
Through years, experts have come up and experiment many trading strategies so that they can find the suitable strategy to reap huge profits while trying to minimize losses. As a novice trader that begins to explore the world of trading, it is important to know how the basics of Forex first and the risks involved... READ MORE

Defensive FX Trading - The Rob Booker Way by Warren Seah
Defensive FX Trading includes using break even stop after a predetermined take profit level is achieved. The action of shifted initial stop loss to entry price is called break even stop... READ MORE

The Little Guy Can Succeed - Becoming a Professional Currency Trader by Warren Seah
Many retail traders assume three things about professional currency traders that are simply not true. First, they assume that almost every trade that professional currency traders pick is a winner. Second, they assume that it takes a lot of money to be a professional currency trader. Finally, they assume that professional traders are secretly doing something that can't possibly be done by retail traders... READ MORE

How to Turn From Retail to Professional Forex Traders by Warren Seah
A professional forex trader is not someone who makes money with each and every trade. The fact is a professional trader will make losing trades. What separate a professional trader from a retail trader will be shown in how he reacts to a lost trade... READ MORE

What is the Perfect Forex Position Sizing Formula? by Warren Seah
Using a fixed stop loss is one way traders try to control their potential losses for a given trade. The other way to do that is position sizing - the decision of how large or small a position is taken... READ MORE

Forex Profits Optimisation With Partial Close Methods by Warren Seah
Applying the partial close method should put you in a higher percentage of winning trades and improve your forex profits while leveraging from short-term and longer-term market behaviour. The key is to plan your trade exits in advance so you can better manage trade decisions while keeping emotions trading at bay... READ MORE

Review of Forex Bling - Does Forex Bling Work?
It is diversified when traded with several different strategies at any time. More diversification is achieved when the different strategies trade different currency pairs. Trading the forex market with a portfolio is a nice introduction to the forex community. It provides the necessary diversification for forex traders and we believe that this will bring the forex trading community to another level!.. READ MORE

LMT Formula Review - Does the LMT Formula Work? by Warren Seah
It is called low maintenance trading formula. System is designed for people who have a full time job and they can spend 15 mins per day to trade the forex market. The system will generate more trades signal if you use 4hour time frame compare to daily time frame... READ MORE

Robominer Review - An Honest Review on Robominer EA by Warren Seah
Review Updated: 30th Nov 2009 Robominer is a grid trading robot. It works in the theory that using prudent money management, no matter what the price went to in its historical operating range, the trader using this strategy will not ever get a margin call. This is achieved by limiting the contract size of the investments to a small percentage of the equity balance... READ MORE

Forex Metatrader 4 Demo and Backtesting - Performance and Limitations by Warren Seah
Back testing and demo-ing are a key component for evaluating effective trading system. The theory is any strategy that work well in the past is likely to work well in the future. Conversely, any strategy that performed poorly is most unlikely to perform good results in the future... READ MORE

Forex Backtest Evaluation - A Systematic Approach by Warren Seah
Want to learn How to Perform Proper Backtest Evaluations? Here is a systematic approach to evaluating your EA performance... READ MORE

Power of the Mind - Experiencing, Harnessing and Utilizing in FX Trading by Warren Seah
Mind - It prepares and sets you in the correct 'mode' for trading and managing your trade. Most traders will tend to give excuses, justifications or blames when they committed mistakes. It is fine to make mistakes but never OK to repeat them. These are some of the common excuses: 1. Blame the broker 2. Blame the guru 3. Blame the unexpected news 4. Blame anything else except oneself (applies to weather as well:P) A Mature Trader Would you rather spend more time justifying that it is ok to lose money or seek solutions to how successful traders make money consistently over and over again? The choice is up to you to make... READ MORE

Characteristics of Various Types of EA in Forex Trading by Warren Seah
Types of Ea. Robots trade with a set of ideology and it is important that the user understands it. In circumstances when the user are unaware of how the robots are traded, the maximum draw-down* will be unknown to them. All profitable trading robots are sure to make losing trades and when the users are faced with 5 consecutive losing trades, they will be experiencing great fear and may stop them from following the system... READ MORE

Money Management Strategies For FX Traders by Warren Seah
Money Management - Refers to how you manage your trading capital, reducing risk and maxising profit. Survive First, Prosper Later Money management has two goals: survival and prosperity. The first priority is to survive, then to make small gains consistently and finally to make spectacular gains. Beginners tend to have these priorities reversed. They aimed for spectacular gains over short time frame but never think about long term survival. Professional traders are always more focus on minimising losses than growing equity... READ MORE

History of Foreign Exchange - 5 Events That Changed the World by Warren Seah
These are changes in the currency markets which caused substantial impact in the world economy. It is important that people learn about currency movements and how the occurrence of such events provide lucrative opportunities for currency investors to profit from the forex markets... READ MORE

Forex Market Overview - Get the Truth About Forex Trading by Warren Seah
Unlike the equity or futures market, the forex market does not have a centralised exchange. Trading the forex market does not involve an exchange and is usually traded in over-the-counter market where buyers and sellers conduct currency transactions... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of EA Trading by Warren Seah
With minimal investment and learning, you can trading automatically with a purchased EA and start profiting from the Forex market. EAs are best working without intervention on your part. This is made on the assumption that the EA system providers provide regular updates of the strategy... READ MORE

Forex EA's Trading - What They Are and How to Get Them by Warren Seah
Expert Advisers (EA) is a piece of software which is written for investors to automatically execute their trades on the forex market. It is functional 24 hours a day and can take advantage of short term trading opportunities if the investors/ traders are unable to monitor the market whole day... READ MORE

7 Reasons to Trade The Forex Market by Warren Seah
According to the Triennial Central Bank Survey of the foreign exchange market conducted by the Bank for International Settlements and published in October 2007, daily trading volume hit a record of $3.2 trillion, up from $1.9 trillion in 2004. This is estimated to be approximately 20 times larger than the daily trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ combined... READ MORE

5 Questions For a Winning Trading System by Warren Seah
Answer these 5 questions and you have the core components of a trading system. You are on the way to having your edge... READ MORE

Total Automation With Auto Forex Systems by Warren Seah
Auto Forex Trading Systems are computer programmed robots that auto trade the forex market for investors. Whether you like this idea or not, many commercial auto forex systems were created over the internet in the past 12 months... READ MORE

DIY Forex Trading School by Warren Seah
Is it possible to teach yourself forex trading? This is a guide about teaching beginners how to trade the forex market. Welcome to the DIY Forex Trading School!.. READ MORE

Invisible Costs That Eat Into Your Trading Profits by Warren Seah
Beginners hardly think of the cost of trading business, yet transaction costs are a leading cause of trader mortality. Adjusting and limiting the cost of trading will gives you an advantage over majority of traders in the market... READ MORE