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Floyd Upperman


Floyd Upperman is recognized as the leading expert and analyst of Commitments of Traders (COT) data. Floyd Upperman is the author of the highly reconized commodity trading book “Commitments of Traders” and is one of the world's foremost authority on this long neglected subject.

Trained in the use of data analysis in problem solving, he uncovered the unique value of COT data as a powerful market indicator. His proprietary system, Individual Market Participant Analysis, has an unparalleled record of success in applying COT data to futures trading.

The IMPA trading system is an innovative way to use the Commitments of Traders reports by breaking the data into producers, consumers, and funds. By monitoring the activities of these key market participants, a trader can gain an edge by detecting position imbalances that could be a forerunner of major trend changes.

A registered commodity trading advisor, Upperman provides daily analysis of his IMPA system on his Web site, A gifted and enthusiastic teacher, he communicates with students and clients throughout the world via his website.

By understanding commercial activity and monitoring its behavior, a trader can potentially forecast significant changes in price direction. Floyd shows traders how to use the Commitments of Traders reports to accomplish this goal.

Floyd Upperman can be reached at
or 614-920-9746.

His website is

21st Centuary of Traders Data: The 'Disaggregated COT report' by Floyd Upperman

The first Commitments of Traders (“COT”) report was published back in 1962 and antecedents of the report can be traced all the way back to 1924.  Since its inception, the COT report has gone through numerous changes and improvements over the years.  The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”), an independent US agency created by congress in 1974 to regulate the US commodity futures and options markets, is responsible for maintaining the COT report and publishes the data on its website (  The CFTC also provides several decades of historical COT data on their website... READ MORE