TradersQ Trading Psychology and Performance Programme


Welcome to our Course by High Performance Trading - Psychology and Performance Programme. This is a self-study programme of 6 modules designed to help you to get some key knowledge and skills to improve your trading performance and psychology. Over the six modules we will be covering practical ways in which you adopt a high performance mindset; develop a trading plan; prepare effectively to trade the markets; execute your trading strategy flawlessly with focus, confidence and discipline; evaluate your performance; and take action to achieve and sustain high performance.


My challenge to you is to take time to read the content of each module, to complete the follow-up tasks and to invest the time, effort and energy required to take your performance to higher levels!


The modules within this course are as follows:


Module 1 - A High Performance Approach to Trading


Module 2 - Get Rich Slowly - Setting Yourself up for Trading Success


Module 3 - Planning and Preparation for Trading Success


Module 4 - Focus on Flawless Execution


Module 5 - Getting a Measure of Your Trading Performance





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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.