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System Trading Articles


Procrastination and System Development by Van K. Tharp

My research suggests that the problems people have in developing a trading system fall into five different categories.  The first three areas prevent traders from ever starting (or finishing) the development of a trading system. These include computer/technology phobia, procrastination, and being overwhelmed by the whole process. The last two problems tend to prevent the trader from coming up with a workable system. These include perfectionism and judgmental biases in your thinking… READ MORE


What is a Trading System? by Van K. Tharp

Beginning traders and investors to some seasoned investors are constantly asking us “What exactly is a system?”  The purpose of this article will be to give you that information as clearly as possible… READ MORE


System Trading – A Complex World with Simple Answers by Sam Seiden

Sam shares some important information from his recent Extended Learning Track (XLT) - Stock Mastery class. He focuses on the foundation of a profitable trading system, offers specific tools and rules of a profitable system, and exposes the dangerous traps that lead to system trading failure... READ MORE