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Simon Brown


Simon Brown has over 20 years experience trading Derivatives on everything from Gold, FTSE to Dollar/Pound. He is now Managing Director of ProSpreads, a financial spread betting company that offers traders an extremely fast and reliable way to spread bet the major indices, currencies and commodities. ProSpreads do this by offering customers a professional platform providing the same functionality as Direct Market Access.


Europe... is Intervention Just delaying the Inevitable? by Simon Brown

Any intervention makes sense at the time. After all it is human nature to try and prevent an undesirable event taking place. Animal preservation for example, and don’t get me wrong, I am a conservationist by nature (no pun intended) but can you actually stop a species becoming extinct once the total numbers get to such a low level? Are we not just slowing down the process to an event that is inevitable? ...READ MORE


FTSE Fortunes - Where Do We Go From Here? by Simon Brown

The index of the UK’s 100 highest capitalised (market) listed companies, (representing over 80% of the total capitalisation of all the companies on The London Stock Exchange) has an interesting history, and with all the uncertainty not just in the UK economy but economies globally, we need to step back and look at the market from a distance; putting everything into perspective... READ MORE


All Eyes on Sterling by Simon Brown

With the election looming it’s all eyes on sterling. As always at this time of the election cycle much of the attention amongst global FX players is towards sterling. And by ‘attention’ I don’t mean necessarily buying interest, especially with the prospect of a hung parliament... READ MORE


The Automatic Way Forward by Simon Brown

Today’s markets pose significant challenges to those seeking trading profits; despite the volatility experienced over the last couple of years. In contrast, markets of 20 years ago held a plethora of trading opportunities, often obtainable from trading just one product or even one stock... READ MORE


Silent Traders by Simon Brown 

Walking through the streets of London EC3 you may notice a growing presence of 30 somethings. Not pinstriped brokers or chino clad merchant bankers frequenting the coffee houses on dress down day, but designer jeaned young men sporting trainers and five o’clock shadows. ‘Builders’ I can here you muttering – no, they are a growing breed of trading professionals known as arcade traders... READ MORE



Join the Swingers! by Simon Brown 

If you have not tried it before, now may be time……

Swing Trading is rife and sits firmly between long-term trading and day trading.

It is probably the style of trading that has grown the most in the last 5 years and current market volatility provides the ideal climate to put your swing strategies into action… READ MORE



Which Way to Trade by Simon Brown 

You can imagine the rollercoaster ride than many traders experienced during the volatile markets of the last fifteen months. You only have to look at the daily ranges that indices like the FTSE 100 had in the autumn of last year to appreciate that white knuckle rides are not even the preferred environment of the most savvy of traders... READ MORE