A Change of Direction by Sam Evans


For the purpose of this week's article, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to the subject matter. Let me state, in advance, that this article is not directly about the world of the Forex Markets. It also will not explore any aspects of Fundamental or Technical Analysis. If you are looking for a piece on the psychology of trading (which my regular readers know I like to explore as much as I can), I am afraid I am going to disappoint you, too. However, before you decide to pass on this week's article, let me ask you to sit back and give me just a few minutes of your time and I believe it could be worthwhile. You see, as much as I love exploring as many aspects of trading the markets as I can, I also believe that sometimes we all need to just slow down a little and take some much needed time to reflect on the bigger picture. The bigger picture I am referencing on this occasion is not in terms of the market, but instead, I am talking about the bigger picture of everyday life itself. Let me explain.

As I am writing this very article, I am sitting in the departure lounge at Los Angeles International Airport, waiting to board my plane home to London. For the last 4 days, I have been visiting Southern California for the Online Trading Academy International Conference, which happens once a year. Everyone involved in our company gathers together to look back on the achievements of the year gone by and look forward to how we can improve and enhance our trading education programs further over the year to come. It is a great experience to mingle and socialize with my fellow instructors and support team, especially as I am based in the United Kingdom myself and rarely get the opportunity to see them.

However, if I can be completely honest, the most rewarding moments of the last few days came from meeting four hard-working graduates of Online Trading Academy, all of whom are members of the ongoing Extended Learning Track (XLT) program and individuals who I have been fortunate enough to teach myself to some degree, along with others in the Academy's instructor roster, like the highly talented Michelle Volmering. The reason why I am telling you this is because the theme of the conference itself was on the topic of "Transforming Lives" and this statement was never more evident than in the eyes and attitudes of these inspiring individuals. This was the first time I had ever met Stephanie, Lauren, Evan and Leigh, and as a teacher, it was so gratifying to witness the results of the dedication and hard work they had shown in the quest to transform their own lives.

You see I didn't know that these graduates would be joining us over the course of the conference and when I was first introduced to them, I was overwhelmed by their thanks for all of the help and education that they had received from the Online Trading Academy instructor team. There were smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes as they told me just how far their trading had come along since they took it up full-time. They talked of their plans for the future and the changes they had experienced in their day-to-day lives since embarking on their trading journey. For the first time in a long while, my mind wandered back to when I first started my own education in the markets and dedicated myself to becoming a trader. I felt the very same emotions, the very same energies and probably the very same fears as they did when they first began. It was good to be reminded of those days, as we can easily forget the past and focus too much on the future, and even occasionally, neglect the present.

So right now, you may be asking yourself, "Where is Evans going with this?" Well, simply put, this piece is aspiring to be nothing more than a gentle reminder of how life can really be, rather than how it is supposed to be. Stephanie and the others are no different from me in any way whatsoever. They had a desire to live their lives with the freedom and enjoyment which typically, the vast majority of individuals in this world fail to experience, and I was absolutely no different from them when I first started learning the skill of consistent and disciplined trading. They don't want to have to work a nine to five job, five days a week with a static pay structure, and only three weeks holiday a year. They want to enjoy a satisfying career which allows them the flexibility and financial freedom to take a holiday when they choose to do so, and have the opportunity to earn a better wage as they develop their skills to a greater degree and let's face it, why shouldn't they? They, like me and anyone else in the world today, have the right to aspire to live a life like this. Just because we have grown up in a world where society has been conditioned to accept otherwise does not in anyway mean that we have to. Who set those rules in the first place anyway?!

Ever since I started teaching people to trade the financial markets, I have had the occasional person ask me, "Why do you teach people to trade if you can trade yourself?" I have never been all that surprised by this and I know full well what the real statement is behind this questioning: The good old "those who can't do, teach" theory. Hey, it's human nature to make this assumption and I thought pretty much the same thing when I was a student myself, but as time went on I realized that the true reason why my fellow Online Trading Academy instructors and I actually teach and it is because we are in the fortunate position to be able to make the decision to help others learn the ways of the markets because we choose to do so. I teach when I want to teach. If I became tired of doing it, then I would stop doing it (as unlikely as this is) and I certainly don't teach all of the time. A few hours a week is hardly a full-time job, is it? Plus, as you probably already know all Online Trading Academy classroom and XLT based courses are conducted in Live market conditions, so it's not like we instructors are losing time away from the charts when we teach. Trading for the students is no different to trading when we are alone. If we couldn't do this, it would be like claiming to be a great actor who can only perform when nobody is watching them!

Trading has given me the ability to steer my life in the direction I want to go in and it was so very gratifying to see this same evolution happening with the students I have been spending time with over the last few days. Everyday, I am grateful for having discovered trading and in many ways, I feel like it has become my duty to pass this discovery on to others who are committed and willing to learn. We all have the right to live our lives the way we choose to do so. We all aspire for greater things in life and there is really nothing stopping any of us achieving them. Sitting back and hoping things will materialize is never going to amount to anything, just like accepting the way things are now is the way they always have to be.

So as I am wrapping up this last paragraph of this article, I now find myself flying high above the Atlantic Ocean, halfway back to England and looking forward to my own bed! Heading home never felt so good. Good luck in you trading careers Stephanie, Lauren, Evan and Leigh. Meeting you was a pleasure. Enjoy all the things life has in store for you.

Have a top week everyone,

Sam Evans sevans@tradingacademy.com


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