Leroy Rushing


Leroy Rushing is an active, professional day trader; trading coach; and eBook author. He is the Founder and CEO of Trading EveryDay, a

distinguished provider of educational trading products and services that are available worldwide.


Five Things You Absolutely Need to Know to Become a Successful Trader

Most people feel the lure of day trading: seeing the frenzy on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, grabbing onto the tail of a skyrocketing stock,
and earning your millions. They want to start day trading and find the answer to that famous quote from the movie Wall Street: "How many yachts can
you water-ski behind?"... READ MORE


There Are No Shortcuts To Trading EveryDay by Leroy Rushing
There’s a wonderful quote that goes something like “Don’t learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the trade.” That rings especially true when it comes to
trading. That’s simply because there are no tricks, or shortcuts, when it comes to trading. The trading environment is a very unforgiving one that does
not discriminate. Each and every one of us can fall victim to the ways and unpredictability of the market, and the moment you think you beat the
system, think again, because chances are you didn’t... READ MORE


Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Trader? by Leroy Rushing
Whether you’re a doctor, a basketball or tennis player, a musician, or even a cowboy, knowledge and skills are going to determine your status in your
“community” of peers. The level of your knowledge and skills can either catapult you to world class status or usher you out the door; create increased
(or decreased) demand for your services or performances; provide opportunities to win awards and generate tons of money if you’re the best, or no
awards and little money if you’re not... READ MORE


Day Trading Questions Answered by Leroy Rushing
There is so much information available to traders that sometimes I find it overwhelming or even confusing at times. Since the majority of the available
and convenient information is in written form, it makes it difficult to ask questions of the author or the website. And if you do, more often than not you
never hear back from them, right? And if you do, so much time has passed that you don’t even remember asking the question much less why you
asked the question in the first place... READ MORE


Trading Opening Range Breakouts by Leroy Rushing
One of the most common and popular intraday trading concepts is the Opening Range Breakout (ORB) trade. Since its conception, ORB has evolved
into a number of different varieties which are often reviewed in the Trading EveryDay Live Trading Room with entries, set ups, and stops... READ MORE


Candlestick Patterns in a Bear Market by Leroy Rushing
As we entered into 2008 with the worst start to a trading year in history, traders still remained conflicted as to whether or not we were entering into a
bear market. Last week, the numbers of our economic situation became clear, as we experienced a second month of lowered GDP growth – meaning
we are one month away from being in an “official” economic recession... READ MORE


Learn to Love Your Losers by Leroy Rushing
Ok, so no trader truly enjoys taking a losing trade. But if you want to succeed in this business of day trading, learning to love your losers (or at least
accepting them) is one of the most important lessons you can learn. Psychologically, human beings are not well designed for trading financial
markets. We hate losing, we hate being wrong, and we get buffeted about by those twin emotions - fear and greed. This leads us into all sorts of self
destructive habits. Moving stop losses further out - just to give the trade time to turn round. Or grabbing a profit as soon as it appears - just in case
we have to give it back... READ MORE