Alpesh Patel


Alpesh B. Patel is one of the UK's best known financial commentators and authors and the founder of He has authored nine bestselling books on trading, is a regular columnist for the Financial Times newspaper, and presented the popular 'CEO in the Hot Seat' on Bloomberg television. He appears regularly on CNN, Sky Business News, CNBC and BBC radio and television.

A Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate of St. Anne's College, Oxford, Alpesh also has a degree in Law from King's College , London University and was a Visiting Fellow in Business and Industry, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University. He sits on the Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and is on the Board of the Indo-British Partnership as well as a Governor of Luton University.


Alpesh Patel Interview by Alpesh Patel

Wanted to earn money whilst at school (and whilst my parents toiled 18 hours to send me to a public school) and the idea of company employees toiling to make me money whilst I avoided a paper round all because I bought some stock sounded like a darn good idea. Still yet to get a proper job. Viva capitalism – who has the capital rules the roost. Labour is abundant, capital, or rather the ability to get a return on capital is scarce... READ MORE