Steve Palmquist

Steve Palmquist a full time trader who invests his own money in the market every day. He has shared trading techniques and systems at seminars across the country; presented at the Traders Expo and published articles in Stocks & Commodities, Traders-Journal, The Opening Bell and Working Money.

He is the author of two trading books: “Money-Making Candlestick Patterns, Backtested for Proven Results’, in which he shares backtesting research on popular candlestick  patterns and shows what actually works, and what does not.  "How to Take Money From the Markets, Creating Profitable Trading Strategies" in which he uses the results of extensive backtesting techniques to smash trading myths and get to the truth of what has worked and what has not. The book provides six fully analyzed and tested trading systems and shows how they have performed in different market conditions.


Steve is also the publisher of the, ‘Timely Trades Letter’ in which he shares  his market analysis and specific trading setups for stocks and ETFs. To receive a sample of the ‘Timely Trades Letter’ send an email to Steve’s  provides additional trading information and market adaptive trading  techniques.


Steve Palmquist Interview by Steve Palmquist

When I was in college I discovered that a savings account was a guaranteed loser after inflation for me, and a guaranteed winner for the bank. I was an electrical engineering major and was researching potential places to work when I graduated.  I started following several technology companies, and watching their stock prices. I wondered what made good companies and what drove the stock prices so I began reading about investing. I found it interesting and investing became one of my life long passions... READ MORE

The Hindenburg Omen.. Are you Trading Myths or Facts? By Steve Palmquist The financial press is full of articles about the ‘Hindenburg Omen’ and how it indicates that the market is about to plunge. The Hindenburg Omen is a combination of new 52 week highs and lows, the NYSE’s 10 week moving average, and the McClellan Oscillator. The creator of the Hindenburg Omen compares it to ‘a funnel cloud that precedes a Tornado’ and says it shows there is ‘a high probability that the market is going to crash’. The images of the actual Hindenburg disaster, and a Tornado, are vivid and scary. This plays well in the media, after all their job is to attract viewers for their advertisers, and a lot of financial shows can be; well, boring... READ MORE