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Owen is the author of the popular blog Option Trading Strategies He has traded options for many years and his websites contain a wealth of information on successful entrepreneurs, including Jamie McIntyre, Nik Halik and others.


Covered Call Options Trading in a Bear Market by Owen Trimball
You would normally think of covered call options trading as something you would be inclined to do in a bull market. But can you still consider covered call options trading when the market is in a primary downtrend? Yes you can! ..READ MORE

Trading Covered Calls For Monthly Compounding Income by Owen Trimball
Covered call writing strategies are ideally suited to stocks which have good fundamentals and are also on the rise. Let's assume you have adopted a strategy to write "out of the money" call options immediately after purchasing multiples of 100 of any U.S... READ MORE

Covered Calls - Extra Income Or Insurance on Stocks You Own? by Owen Trimball
Covered Calls is a name for an option strategy that is flexible enough so that it can be adapted to different market conditions. Is your focus simply earning extra income on stocks you already own, or protecting the value of your shares? What you are about to read will show you how... READ MORE

Ratio Spreads - Huge Profit Potential From Minimal Risk by Owen Trimball
Ratio spreads have been identified as one of the safest and potentially profitable option trading strategies for traders who want a trading edge over the markets. In this article we wish to discuss a variation of the concept to demonstrate how these trade setups can not only be safe, but given the right conditions, provide a huge return on investment... READ MORE

Bull Call Spreads - 12 Step Action Guide by Owen Trimball
Being a vertical debit spread, the bull call spread will enable you to enter a position much cheaper than simply going long the call options, as well as allowing greater flexibility if the underlying share price should not proceed in the anticipated direction. To implement a bull call spread make sure you can tick this checklist... READ MORE

Dow Jones 30 Stocks - Your Option Trading Friends by Owen Trimball
This article is not about trading the Dow Jones index. It is about trading options on each of the thirty stocks that make up the famous Dow Jones Industrial Average. The advantages of high liquidity and ease of entry and exit make this a very attractive trading model... READ MORE

Covered Calls - 12 Step Action Guide by Owen Trimball
How would you go about deciding upon and setting up a covered call position? This article provides an easy to follow, 12 step process to do just that... READ MORE

Option Swing Trading by Owen Trimball
Swing trading is one of the oldest and most popular methods for trading the markets. It takes advantage of short term moves in share prices and uses the leverage available in options to create a nice income stream... READ MORE

What is Option Trading? by Owen Trimball
They are called "derivatives" because their price action is derived from the price action of another "underlying" financial instrument. The most commonly known of these is stocks (shares) but you can also have options on currencies, commodities and real estate... READ MORE

The Short Iron Butterfly - Alternative to the Straddle by Owen Trimball
This option trading strategy is pretty much the exact reverse of the Long Iron Butterfly. In contrast to the latter, where you are anticipating the underlying stock to remain within a trading range as a prerequisite to implementing the strategy, a Short Iron Butterfly can be considered when you believe a price breakout is imminent... READ MORE

Long Iron Butterfly Strategy - Two Credit Spreads Are Better Than One by Owen Trimball
The long iron butterfly is another range trading strategy and a variation of the Iron Condor. The difference between the two is the range of option strike prices used... READ MORE

Calendar Spreads - Using Time Decay to Your Advantage by Owen Trimball
Although Calendar Spreads are a more advanced option trading strategy, they are one of the least risky and potentially high profit option setups available. This makes them very popular... READ MORE

Butterfly Spreads - Spread Your Wings and Profit by Owen Trimball
Butterfly spreads are one of the most well-known and popular option strategies out there today. Look for a range bound stock, put it on, and flutter your way to profits... READ MORE

Option Volatility - A Powerful Indicator in Trading by Owen Trimball
[Investing:Day-Trading] The concept of option volatility is one of the most little understood and under utilised in option trading. But knowing about it can make all the difference to the profitability or otherwise, of your trading decisions. It should also be very influential in the type of trades that you decide to put on... READ MORE

Using Options to Buy Stocks at Wholesale Price by Owen Trimball
Owning shares is a dream most people have shared at some time or other. But many people also fear the perceived risk in doing so and for this reason, hesitate... READ MORE

Option Trading Systems - Stick With What Works by Owen Trimball
You may have heard the expression "do one thing, do it well". This was never so true as it is when it comes to the matter of trading the markets. There are many option trading systems out there and the developers of these systems will always tell you that theirs is the one that will solve your financial problems and give you the freedom you've dreamed about... READ MORE

Options Spread Trading - Some Big Advantages by Owen Trimball
Options spread trading provides the trader with some powerful advantages over simply 'going long' on an option contract. If you understand how to use these, there is a tremendous amount of money that can be made... READ MORE

Risk Free Option Trading - Using Arbitrage by Owen Trimball
People are always wondering if there is a way that you can invest in the stock market totally risk free. Is there a way that, once you enter your position, there is 100 percent certainty that you will make a profit? The answer is 'yes'... READ MORE

The Long Condor Spread - A Highly Profitable Range Trading Strategy by Owen Trimball
[Investing:Day-Trading] They come up with some interesting names when it comes to option trading strategies. The Long Condor is a setup that is attractive because, although you pay a bit more in brokerage, the risk to reward potential can be quite outstanding... READ MORE

The Iron Condor - Make a Financial Killing With This Bird by Owen Trimball
You might think that "iron condor" is a strange name for an option trading strategy - and indeed it is. But in a way, the image it presents is well suited to the setup. When you understand the power and flexibility of this strategy, you will realize what a formidable vehicle it can be for taking profit... READ MORE

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Trading the Markets by Owen Trimball
While markets are moving in predictable directions based on well established and generally reliable price patterns, all seems well. It's the unexpected moves that come out of left field that a disciplined trader needs to be prepared for... READ MORE

Using CFDs to Hedge Your Share Portfolio by Owen Trimball
In recent years, Contracts for Difference, or CFDs for short, have become increasingly popular due to their liquidity, ease of trading and leverage. Companies have even emerged, offering recommendation services promising attractive cashflow results... READ MORE

Ratio Backspreads - Make a Profit Even When You're Wrong by Owen Trimball
[Investing:Day-Trading] Ratio backspreads are considered to be one of the safest longer term option trading strategies available today. So much so, that they have sometimes been called "vacation spreads" because you can literally take a holiday and come back later to find they've made a profit for you... READ MORE

Option Trading - Delta Neutral Trades - The Straddle by Owen Trimball
Straddle option trading is one of the safest and most stable option trading strategies available, because you've eliminated the need to predict market direction. But it has its risks, so there are some things you must be aware of... READ MORE

Jamie McIntyre - Mindset of a Millionaire by Owen Trimball
Jamie McIntyre is known as "The 21st Century Educator". From $150,000 in debt, Jamie McIntyre turned his dream to become a self-made millionaire into reality. He proposes that the key to wealth begins with your mindset... READ MORE