John O'Donnell


John O’Donnell is the chief knowledge officer for Online Trading Academy (OTA). He delivers a combination of educational and corporate experience that has been instrumental in making Online Trading Academy one of the premier trading schools in the world. He also serves as a principal and/or consultant to five public companies and his expertise is an essential ingredient in OTA’s raped global growth and industry peer award-winning recognition.

Mr. O’Donnell was a finalist two years in a row for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Inc. magazine in Orange County, CA. His recent articles, interviews and speaking engagements have focused on issues such as historic boom/bust business cycles and the potential coming burst of the credit bubble in the “Globalization 3.0 Era” as well as impacting many newsletter subscribers and the global audience of active trader communities.Mr. O’Donnell has been featured in and been a keynote speaker at many global finance portals and expos including FNN, CNN, CNBC, CNNfn,, Trade2Win, Online Traders Expo, London IX Expos, Brazil Active Traders Expos, World’s First Virtual Online Traders Expo, Canadian Financial Forums,, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, IBD, and ADVfn. He began his career in 1968 as a public school teacher and then moved to public corporations working as an investment banker.


Interview with John O'Donnell by Paul Mullen

I got started in 1968 as a biology and physics teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was the Director of the teacher investment club with a $100 per teacher contribution in a pool and some hopes and dreams. I read Harry Browne’s book in 1970 about Nixon closing the ‘gold window’ for the USD. The title of Harry’s classic book is How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation and it changed my life and all I have touched in this space forever... READ MORE