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Nick McDonald


Nick McDonald is an independent fulltime trader as well as a mentor in foreign exchange trading strategies. Through his company, Precision Trader, Nick aims to cut through the nonsense and teach people real trading strategies in a practical trading environment, omitting irrelevant information that is not conducive to trading successfully. You can find out more at or contact Nick via email




FX Patterns - An Unconventional View

Most traders with a little technical knowledge understand the concepts behind trend trading and price patterns… or at least they think they do. To trade profitably requires more than just the basic concepts. Trading successfully requires an edge! This article covers essential principles of FX trend trading, ensuring that you always have market momentum on your side. It then delves deeper into the concepts behind technical FX chart patterns and provides an unconventional view that most textbooks do not cover. This will provide you with an additional ‘edge’ in your foreign exchange trading... READ MORE


Learn to Trade - The Ultimate Trading Strategy

A wannabe pilot goes on a short ‘learn to fly’ seminar. Over the space of a weekend, theory about how to fly a plane is covered including takeoff and landing. On Monday the pilot boards his new plane, ready to put the theory to the test. He quickly realises there is a lot more to it. He struggles
to start the plane, let alone fly it. The pilot directs responsibility elsewhere and blames: • The plane for not behaving exactly as the theory had explained • The control panel for not looking exactly as he thought it would • The weather conditions for not being perfect • The instructors for not teaching him correctly • The engineers for not completing correct pre-flight checks.  Why else would the plane not start? The wannabe pilot goes looking for another workshop that will teach him to fly correctly and a new plane to fly that will actually start this time… READ MORE


TRADERSQ Interview with Nick McDonald

Nick McDonald is the founder of Precision Trader through which he teaches & mentors people to trade for a living from home. Nick is an independent

homebased trader himself and teaches others who wish to accomplish the same thing. He founded Precision Trader (
to teach people ‘real’ trading strategies, omitting irrelevant information which is not conducive to trading success. Nick trades a variety of scalping,
intra-day and swing trading strategies using technical analysis on both FX and on Dow Jones futures... READ MORE