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Marilyn McDonald



Marilyn McDonald joined Interbank FX in December 2005 as head of the marketing department. In her current role as the Vice President of Customer Experience, she is heading up the conversation between Interbank FX and its customers. She is responsible for the national and international events, public relations, customer education and orientation, and brand.

Prior to joining Interbank FX, Marilyn worked in marketing for Equis International, the retail investor division of Reuters. She also helped found a motion capture studio in the Salt Lake valley, and spent a number of years working at an advertising agency/production house in New Zealand. She has worked with a variety of clients that include Ford, Club Med, Anne Geddes and many more. Marilyn has extensive experience in communicating messages and campaigns across multiple advertising mediums, including print, Internet, television, etc.

Marilyn currently serves as an Associated Person and a Principal of Interbank FX with the NFA. She is a Series 3 licensed Futures broker and author of Forex Simplified and contributing author in SFO Personal Investor Series: Forex Trading.


Automated Trading by Marilyn McDonald

Any trader who is even remotely familiar with retail foreign exchange knows what an extremely volatile market it is. This year alone international currencies have fluctuated wildly, with the dollar reaching decade, and in some cases even all-time, lows. Within the forex market realm, however, volatility often creates opportunity. And because forex is open for trading 24 hours a day, five-and-a-half days a week, it is nearly impossible for any one trader to take full advantage of every opportunity that arises during market hours. As a consequence of this growing desire to trade around the clock, automated trading has piqued market-wide interest and completely changed the face of forex trading... READ MORE


FX Trading by Numbers by Marilyn McDonald

I have often heard trading referred to as an art. I can certainly see the truth in that. However, just as some artists start with the paint-by-number kits, so should some traders start by considering the numbers when setting up their trading plans. Numbers will help answer such questions as; What currency pair should I trade? What day is the best day to trade? What are the best times to trade? And the ever popular how much can expect to make? ..READ MORE


Getting Your Head Straight - Mentally Preparing to Trade by Marilyn McDonald

Welcome to week 5. It’s time to pull a Dr. Phil. It’s time to get inside your own head. Let’s find out, are you mentally prepared to trade? During week five of the IBFX and IBFXU series, we are going to take a closer look at some of the things you need to do before you make your first trade. One of the first things you need to do before you place your first trade is to determine exactly what you want to achieve. Create your own trading plan. Get out a piece of paper and write it down. Do you want to eventually live off your trading? Or are you just trying to outperform your savings account. Be as specific as you can and then pin this up by your computer... READ MORE