Matt Kaldor


Matt Kaldor is a senior content writer with BetterTrades, the nation's No. 1 stock marketeducation company.


Momentum Trading: An Art Form Performed Security by Security by Matt Kaldor

For most people, momentum trading is used to describe the manner in which short term trading decisions are made in relation to significant price changes in securities. Using technical analysis and the use of technical indicators, momentum traders look to get ahead of the next upcoming trend or determine the strength of the current price trend in place. In short, momentum trading focuses on identifying the trading opportunities that arise from the market changing from one direction to another. Technical analysts seeking short term opportunities in securities that they have not traded before should look at how they have reacted to past technical indicators before rushing in to trading conclusions... READ MORE


Top Trading Mistakes to Avoid for Your Success on Stock Markets by Matt Kaldor

Traders are always talking about the traits that lead to success, but what about the common mistakes traders make. It is just as important to avoid the common trading pitfalls as it is to execute strategy correctly. Here are a few common mistakes that if avoided will lead to better risk control and a higher probability of achieving one’s investment objectives. Don’t follow the crowd. The smart money is usually the one that goes against the heard. Instead of following the advice of supposed market insiders, it is more important for traders to follow their own analysis and predictions. It is important that one’s trading plan tries to lead the market than to react to news or events that have already transpired. Don’t follow the crowd because there are a lot of uneducated traders in it... READ MORE