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Joseph Stone


Online share trading has opened up the stock market to all of us. Unfortunately trading is not easy. I nearly lost all my savings and my house learning the ropes. Picking stocks, knowing when to buy and when to sell is indeed a complicated process that requires skill and experience.


Obviously the rewards are immense. Most of the super wealthy made their money on the stock market. If you stick with it and learn how to trade well then you too can create significant wealth. I am a big believer in using all the tools and help that you can find.


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Overvalued Stocks and How You Can Identify Them by Joseph Stone

Making an investment in the stock exchange is hard, actually hard. There is nothing worse in the world than making an investment in a stock that turns out to be expensively priced. The same occurs each time ; the stock begins to drop, then it begins to drop, then it drops out of the sky and there is almost nothing that you can do about it. Irregularly a stock will decrease lots that it may take ages to climb back to the level at which you bought it... READ MORE