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Jack Landry


Jack R. Landry has worked in financial services for the last 12 years and written hundreds of articles about investing and trading.

Contact: Jack R Landry




Penny Stocks are an Affordable Investment by Jack Landry

With a declining economy, high unemployment, rampant foreclosures, and worthless retirements, Americans are turning to alternate methods of investments. Penny stocks are an increasingly popular form of investment; small investments that have potential to become high yielding returns.

Penny stocks are basic stocks that cost only $5.00 or less a share. In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to buy stocks for a penny, but having stocks that won’t be more than $5.00 a share is a good deal as well... READ MORE


Informing Yourself About the 2008 Stock MArket Crash by Jack Landry

It happened so fast. It seems like one day the stock market was healthy and then the next day it was tumbling down on itself.

During the stock market crash of 2008, the market fell to an incredibly low level, scores of big businesses went bankrupt or altogether disintegrated, and the American public was left as the victim. It seemed like it came out of nowhere... READ MORE


Big Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Stocks by Jack Landry

For those who may be new to the big world of stocks, it can often be an exhilarating feeling when you make your first buys and sells. It can give you big payouts and returns that can solidify your bank account. What starts out as a great rush of positive emotions can quickly turn into juggling more than you can handle, and that’s when big mistakes set in. Many new stock traders get too carried away and make huge errors that cost them money and can put them in a tight situation... READ MORE


What Does a Stcok Broker Do? by Jack Landry

You’ve probably seen a picture or video of the New York Stock Exchange sometime in your life- or any other stock exchange for that matter. When you think back on it, your mind probably recalls something similar to a crowded subway station- hundreds of people pushing and shoving into each other and incessant screaming and yelling. Hardly seems like a refined place where business is done, right? Well, however you feel, stock exchanges function as the backbone of American capitalism and are very important as monitors and negotiators of the world of money... READ MORE


The History and Security of Stocks by Jack Landry

There are a lot of people that have invested in the stock market. The recent economic downturn has deterred a lot of people from investing in the stock market. If you are looking for a place to invest your money but you are straying from the stock market because you are worried about losing your money you should re-think your decision. Investing in the stock market does not have to be as scary as you feel that it is... READ MORE


Learning the Fundamentals of Stocks by Jack Landry

Taking the time to understand the stock market will give you a much better understanding of how you can invest your money well. There are a lot of people that trust their money in the hands of a professional. You have to take the time to find the stocks that will be most lucrative for your investments. There may be times when this will be very time consuming and for many this process can be very confusing... READ MORE


Trading Stocks on the Stock Market by Jack R Landry

The stock market is a scary and intimidating for many people that are new to the investing scene. These fears usually stem from not knowing what is going on in the stock market sphere. If you have decided that it is time that you start to invest it is important that you take the time to educate yourself on the happenings within the stock market so that you are better equipped to invest. You may feel frustrated in the process, but it will be well worth it... READ MORE