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Jonathan Duncan


Discover 3 free trade set ups and learn how to trade future:


Start Knowing to Trade Commodities by Jonathan Duncan

You will gain a new insight on commodity futures trading once you have decided to learn about trade commodities from commodity trading courses. In your commodity trading courses, you may learn about certain commodities such as grains or precious metals, or you may decide to acquire knowledge on the whole spectrum of global commodity markets. You may have heard of the following: energy security, crude oil trade on the NY Mercantile Exchange and how numerous factors can affect price causing fluctuations. And what causes price movements in gold, silver and other precious metals and why should cocoa or coffee futures prices suddenly surge? ..READ MORE


What You Must Know About Trading in the Futures and Options Markets by Jonathan Duncan

Ordinary people think that trading in the futures and options markets is always dangerous in nature.  It has a reputation for being dodgy, but this is a myth about options trading.  While it may be true that trading in the futures and options markets is extremely risky, it can be highly lucrative if you are equipped with great trading skills and systems.  Like every other kind of offline or online trading, it involves risk and uncertainty. Your chances of being lucrative will reduce and sure to suffer more losses if you have insufficient knowledge in the futures and options markets trading... READ MORE


Most effective How To Trade Futures by Jonathan Duncan

The stock market is a place where an investor can either make a lot of money or a little depending on how well he or she places their investments. The futures market in particular can be extremely high risk but the rewards reflect this risk also. By learning to trade in corn futures and other commodities, you can reap a high reward and find ways to lower your risk at the same time... READ MORE