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Module 1 - William Delbert Gann



One of the most successful traders that ever lived.

Born in Lufkin, Texas on June 6, 1878, William D Gann started commodity trading and stock market trading in 1902, and moved to New York City in 1908, opening his own brokerage firm, W.D. Gann & Co., at 18th and Broadway.

William D Gann took more than 50 million dollars in profits out of the markets! In today's markets that would be closer to 500 million dollars! After many decades of incredible trading success, W D Gann moved to Miami, Florida where he continued his writings and studies up until his death on June 14, 1955.

So accurate were W.D. Gann's techniques that in the in the presence of representatives of a major financial publication, he made 286 trades in a period of 25 market days, on both the long and short sides of the market. Of these, 264 trades were profitable! In 1933 Mr. Gann made 479 trades during the year. 422 were winners and 57 were losers. The return on his capital was a staggering 4000%.

Mr. Gann consistently repeated these incredible trading feats, issuing amazing forecasts in a number of markets one year in advance.

His use of Natural Law and geometric proportions based on the circle, square, and triangle are as effective today in the Stock Market and Commodities Markets as they were 50 years ago. His techniques work in any market. His methods seem a bit unusual and even mystical to many traders, but they have proven themselves time and again over the past century.

Since his death, W.D. Gann has become something of a legend in financial circles. His capacity to make big financial gains (both on the market, the Cuban lottery and horse racing) gave him a reputation for uncanny knowledge of market trends.

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