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John Forman

John Forman is a Professional Forex Analyst and is currently working for Thomson Reuters and was previously Managing Analyst and Chief Trader for Anduril. He is a near 20-year veteran of trading and investing across a wide array of markets and instruments, and a former professional analyst with experience covering forex, fixed income, equities, and commodities. His analysis and market comments have been found in the financial news media across the world and he has published dozens of articles on trading methodology and analysis technique and he was also a former Content Editor for Trade2Win


John is the author of the book The Essentials of Trading: From the Basics to Building a Winning Strategy (Wiley, April 2006). He has spoken on trading and market related topics to numerous student groups and been a guest lecturer on several occasions. In cooperation with a professor, he helped design and present a university level trading course.


Interview with Professional Forex Analyst John Forman by Paul Mullen

Well, in my case, I work for a division of Thomson Reuters, which is a name probably most people know, on one level or another. It's involved with what we call "real time analysis." We're a third party. We don't have anybody that's managing money or anything like that. There is no portfolio we're dealing with. There is no axe that we have... READ MORE