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Forex Articles


Maintaining Consistency in Risk by Sam Evans

For the subject of this week's articles, I would like to illustrate three particular scenarios which deal with various aspects of risk management. In addition to the required and necessary skill-sets involved in consistent speculative trading, maintaining a constant and disciplined approach to capital preservation is ultimately the number one objective for any professional in the field. Failure to adhere to these risk management principles will typically result in ongoing frustration and concern for any individual aspiring to attain market success... READ MORE


Ding Ding... Round 2?! by Sam Evans

If one were to look back upon the last year of price activity on the worldwide Forex markets, that person would be hard pressed to deny that it has been eventful to say the least. We have seen huge rallies and equal declines across the board for the US Dollar, hung Parliaments taking their toll on the Great British Pound, Juggernaut-like pushes through Parity Level and then back down again for the Australian Dollar, and that's all before we even give a mention to the Euro! But don't worry, we will get to the Euro in a little while... READ MORE


Getting Closer to the Real Price by Sam Evans

Each week when writing these regular Lessons From the Pros articles, I hope to share some slices of information which will help Forex traders of all skill levels in their continuing quest for consistency and profitability in their continued market speculation. Over the last year or so, we have discussed a wide variety of Technical and Fundamental approaches, as well as detailing the necessary skills required for solid risk management and trade management practices... READ MORE


Another Day, Another Non-Farms by Sam Evans

One of the biggest events in the world of Forex Trading, without question, is the regular monthly release of the US Non-Farms Payrolls figures. This economic update is typically released to the trading and investing community on the first Friday of each month and can be the cause of some of the wildest and most volatile price action seen in this asset class... READ MORE


Letting Go of the Past by Sam Evans

Looking back over the last few weeks of price action across the major currency pairs, I feel that there has never been a time to be more disciplined and balanced in our trading activities. While I would say that no matter what stage a trader is at in their career, there can always be challenges to face... READ MORE


Looking Through the Smoke Signals by Sam Evans

Last week's article was a focus on the recent price action of the Australian Dollar, which any active trader in the Forex market will know has been showing consistent strength in recent months. I talked about how we all need to be very aware of our inbuilt tendencies to want to follow the crowd in our trading decisions, especially when faced with a glut of news releases, reports and updates across the world wide web, in the newspapers and of course on TV. This week I would like to follow up on the same topic and look at how, from a technical perspective, we can attempt to read the subtle signs of the market to give us an objective "heads up" of a possible change in market sentiment and direction... READ MORE


New Rules, Same Game by Sam Evans

It is the job of every serious-minded Forex trader out there to keep abreast of the latest news and events, which could potentially have an effect on their day-to-day trading activities. This month is a big month for the world of Forex trading in that we will be seeing brand new legislation enforced which will no doubt ripple across the activities of all Forex traders participating or looking to participate in the markets over the course of the future... READ MORE


A Change of Direction by Sam Evans

For the purpose of this week's article, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to the subject matter. Let me state, in advance, that this article is not directly about the world of the Forex Markets. It also will not explore any aspects of Fundamental or Technical Analysis. If you are looking for a piece on the psychology of trading (which my regular readers know I like to explore as much as I can)... READ MORE


Cutting Down Our Choices by Sam Evans

September has been a busy month to say the least. I have had the privilege of touring the United Kingdom and Ireland with my mentor and Online Trading Academy colleague, Sam Seiden, taught Forex and Futures classes, traded my fund and squeezed a few Live Extended Learning Track (XLT) sessions into the mix as well. Trust me, kicking back in October is not going to be a hard adjustment! Now that I have the freedom to do the things I enjoy in life, I find that the busy periods are just as rewarding as the downtime and I am always excited to meet new and veteran students of Online Trading Academy alike... READ MORE


A Chart is a Chart by Sam Evans

When it comes down to any kind of trading, be it Technical, Fundamental or a mixture of both, the serious speculator would be lost without charts. To the seasoned professional trader, the price charts tell the story of the markets, highlighting trend, strength, weakness and emotion, all in one simple package. Personally, I regard my charts as pretty much the most important weapon in my trading toolbox and when we learn to read price in a truly objective fashion, we can witness and observe the footprints of the smart money players, to give us clues of where to find the lowest risk, highest reward buy and sell opportunities... READ MORE


Different Ways to Trade Forex: Part 2 by Sam Evans

This week I have been on the road with my own mentor and the Online Trading Academy Director of Education, Sam Seiden, for a series of All Star Events throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. As well as having a good catch up, we have also had the pleasure of meeting a number of Online... READ MORE


Different Ways to Trade Forex: Part 1 by Sam Evans

As a part of the developed curriculum for the Online Trading Academy Extended Learning Track (XLT) - Forex program, I have made it a point to introduce the ongoing students to all of the different ways to trade currency. When most of us think about the Forex markets, we typically focus our attention on the area of Spot pairs trading. However, while the Spot arena accounts for the vast majority of all currency trading in the world today, we should also be aware that this is not the only way for traders and investors to take part in this highly liquid and popular market. In fact, there are actually five different ways to trade Forex available: ..READ MORE


Dealing With the Squeeze by Sam Evans

In each one of my weekly articles, I hope to share glimpses of my trading experiences with you in an effort to point traders of all skill levels in the right direction for consistency in their speculative activities. Having now written these articles for around a year, I have talked about a wide variety of aspects of the Forex Trading environment, but I must admit that when I first agreed to write these weekly updates, I was a little concerned about running out of material to talk about! My trading is simple in nature and as my career has... READ MORE


Welcome to a World Without Absolutes by Sam Evans

It has been another week and another batch of new students for me. I have just stepped back into the classroom again after a six week break to host and teach the 6 day Online Trading Academy Professional Forex Class. As you know, I regularly work in the virtual environment of the Extended Learning Track (XLT) - Forex program where the only contact I have with my students is via the text chat box, and as much I love the XLT teaching, seeing 23 students face-to-face in the live classroom is a welcome and enjoyable change for me from time-to-time... READ MORE


The Real Problem with Trend by Sam Evans

This week, while conducting and hosting my ongoing Extended Learning Track (XLT) - Forex sessions, we have been doing our usual business of analyzing the currency markets in real-time, scouting the arena for only the very best low risk and high potential reward setups we could find. Following on from a choppy and indecisive few weeks, things seem to have settled down a little as the market, in general, goes through its own phase or transition, trapped between key levels of support and resistance before the next big move... READ MORE


Interest Rates and the Carry Trade by Jessie Roberts
As we saw with regard to the effects the overall business environment has on currencies, interest rates play a key role. One way to take advantage of interest rate differentials between countries is by buying a currency with a higher interest rate and collecting that interest and then selling a currency with a lower interest rate; when the short position pays the interest rate, this is called the carry trade. In times of global economic expansion, investors and traders make money by using this strategy... READ MORE

Effects of the Business Climate by Jessie Roberts
The same forces that affect the value of a business have an impact on the price of currencies. In fundamental terms, a company is valued on the basis of its balance sheet and current or future income as well as intangible factors that will affect that future income, including business model and plan, management and leadership, competitive advantage, and adherence to laws and regulations... READ MORE

Forex Versus Futures Pros & Cons by Jessie Roberts
For professional investors, there are a couple of distinct advantages to trading currency futures contracts. First, traders who use currency futures are assured that their funds are placed in a bank account segregated from the dealing firm's money; this is different from the practice of many foreign exchange dealers, in which the client's and the dealer's money often are commingled... READ MORE


Comparing CMC Markets and Oanda For Currency Trading - Which is Best? by Andy Richardson
I have an account with CMC Markets and also with Oanda - I like the charting platform that CMC Markets uses (interbank fx), and I like the way you can drag the charts around and resize them. I also like the fact that your money (I gather) stays in Australia or the UK according to where you're located, and CMC Markets are big enough that it ought to be safe (they have a separate client trust account)... READ MORE

Forex Questions & Answers by Sam Evans

Firstly, I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who reads my weekly article. It is your continued support and interest which keeps me coming back for more, week in week out. As I have mentioned before, I receive a large number of emails from my ongoing students and readers alike and answering each one does take its time, with a few slipping through the net on occasion, I must admit! ...READ MORE


Five Commandments of Every Forex Exit Strategies by Warren Seah
When Will You Exit a Trade? Identifying exits falls under the trading system category in that the exits should be placed at meaningful places in the market that are determined by support and resistance. With that said, it is important to always determine the initial exit prior to entering the trade... READ MORE


Automating Profit With Trailing Stop EA by Warren Seah
The popularity of the growth of forex trading has been influenced not only by the big gains but also because of the various developers creating systems that the traders could use easily. These robotic systems are commonly called robots or expert adviser (EA) used on the most popular trading software called Metatrader Trading Platform. The MetaTrader Expert Advisor is a tool amongst many, to help novice and experienced investors reap benefits whilst dabbling in foreign exchange trading... READ MORE


Winning Forex Trading With Trailing Stops by Warren Seah
Many traders attempt to lock in profits as the market moves in their favor by trailing the market with various trailing techniques. Personally, I use trailing stops every time I trade a trending based system. When these trailing stop strategies are used correctly, they manage the stop loss level such that they convert floating profit into 'earned' profit... READ MORE


Seven Common Stop Loss Exits by Warren Seah
A stop loss order will automatically close a trade at a set level in order to prevent further losses. If a buy order has been placed, then the stop level is set at a price that is lower than the buying price. On the other hand, if a sell order was triggered, then the stop will be placed above the selling price... READ MORE

Download Your Metatrader Partial Close EA by Warren Seah
Partial close is a technique that can convert some losing trades into profitable ones, reduce stress, and increase win rate. This technique of taking an early profit reduces stress while a trader is in a trade. The remaining positionss will be traded with less emotional stress such as fear and greed... READ MORE

Stop Loss - Have You Insured Your Forex Trades? by Warren Seah
Forex trading is a very profitable business but it can be also a very risky business that is if proper money management is not employed. If a forex trader don't make proper use of stop loss placements and trailing stop loss or take profit levels, he will be taking on high risk which means that any trades may bring his equity account to the risk of ruin. These tools are very essential, and it is very difficult to make profit in Forex without making proper use of these tools... READ MORE

Having a Forex Exit Strategy by Warren Seah
In forex trading, it is like any other type of businesses out there, it requires careful planning and execution. I could say that everyone has some sort of daily participation in Forex market everyday, which is using currency to pay or sell something... READ MORE

Forex Trading Without a Stop Loss? by Warren Seah
I will say that be responsible for your money and for your family. Be cautious and be vigilant. Practise money management to make money. Having a stop loss is the first step to practising sound money management... READ MORE

Forex Paper Trading - Baby Steps to Success by Warren Seah
When you were a kid, like all toddlers, you can't possibly stand on your own and walk by yourself. Your parents would encourage you by giving you a helping hand and assist you by first stimulating your leg muscles. As your leg muscles grow accustomed to supporting your own weight, you will start the proper ritual of walking on your own. This is akin to having a forex paper trading account before going into live account... READ MORE

Partial Close - Scaling Out Forex Profits by Warren Seah
Partial close is a type of exit strategy where the forex trader plan his trade exit in several increments as opposed to closing the entire position at once. Partial close method is performed by closing a portion of it's overall trade size as the trade becomes profitable and continue to their profit target. This technique allows traders to capture smaller profits faster while leaving the position open as the market moves farther in their favor... READ MORE

Defining Your Forex Trading Strategy by Warren Seah
Through years, experts have come up and experiment many trading strategies so that they can find the suitable strategy to reap huge profits while trying to minimize losses. As a novice trader that begins to explore the world of trading, it is important to know how the basics of Forex first and the risks involved... READ MORE

Defensive FX Trading - The Rob Booker Way by Warren Seah
Defensive FX Trading includes using break even stop after a predetermined take profit level is achieved. The action of shifted initial stop loss to entry price is called break even stop... READ MORE

The Little Guy Can Succeed - Becoming a Professional Currency Trader by Warren Seah
Many retail traders assume three things about professional currency traders that are simply not true. First, they assume that almost every trade that professional currency traders pick is a winner. Second, they assume that it takes a lot of money to be a professional currency trader. Finally, they assume that professional traders are secretly doing something that can't possibly be done by retail traders... READ MORE

How to Turn From Retail to Professional Forex Traders by Warren Seah
A professional forex trader is not someone who makes money with each and every trade. The fact is a professional trader will make losing trades. What separate a professional trader from a retail trader will be shown in how he reacts to a lost trade... READ MORE

What is the Perfect Forex Position Sizing Formula? by Warren Seah
Using a fixed stop loss is one way traders try to control their potential losses for a given trade. The other way to do that is position sizing - the decision of how large or small a position is taken... READ MORE

Forex Profits Optimisation With Partial Close Methods by Warren Seah
Applying the partial close method should put you in a higher percentage of winning trades and improve your forex profits while leveraging from short-term and longer-term market behaviour. The key is to plan your trade exits in advance so you can better manage trade decisions while keeping emotions trading at bay... READ MORE

Review of Forex Bling - Does Forex Bling Work?
It is diversified when traded with several different strategies at any time. More diversification is achieved when the different strategies trade different currency pairs. Trading the forex market with a portfolio is a nice introduction to the forex community. It provides the necessary diversification for forex traders and we believe that this will bring the forex trading community to another level!.. READ MORE

LMT Formula Review - Does the LMT Formula Work? by Warren Seah
It is called low maintenance trading formula. System is designed for people who have a full time job and they can spend 15 mins per day to trade the forex market. The system will generate more trades signal if you use 4hour time frame compare to daily time frame... READ MORE

Robominer Review - An Honest Review on Robominer EA by Warren Seah
Review Updated: 30th Nov 2009 Robominer is a grid trading robot. It works in the theory that using prudent money management, no matter what the price went to in its historical operating range, the trader using this strategy will not ever get a margin call. This is achieved by limiting the contract size of the investments to a small percentage of the equity balance... READ MORE

Forex Metatrader 4 Demo and Backtesting - Performance and Limitations by Warren Seah
Back testing and demo-ing are a key component for evaluating effective trading system. The theory is any strategy that work well in the past is likely to work well in the future. Conversely, any strategy that performed poorly is most unlikely to perform good results in the future... READ MORE

Forex Backtest Evaluation - A Systematic Approach by Warren Seah
Want to learn How to Perform Proper Backtest Evaluations? Here is a systematic approach to evaluating your EA performance... READ MORE

Power of the Mind - Experiencing, Harnessing and Utilizing in FX Trading by Warren Seah
Mind - It prepares and sets you in the correct 'mode' for trading and managing your trade. Most traders will tend to give excuses, justifications or blames when they committed mistakes. It is fine to make mistakes but never OK to repeat them. These are some of the common excuses: 1. Blame the broker 2. Blame the guru 3. Blame the unexpected news 4. Blame anything else except oneself (applies to weather as well:P) A Mature Trader Would you rather spend more time justifying that it is ok to lose money or seek solutions to how successful traders make money consistently over and over again? The choice is up to you to make... READ MORE

Characteristics of Various Types of EA in Forex Trading by Warren Seah
Types of Ea. Robots trade with a set of ideology and it is important that the user understands it. In circumstances when the user are unaware of how the robots are traded, the maximum draw-down* will be unknown to them. All profitable trading robots are sure to make losing trades and when the users are faced with 5 consecutive losing trades, they will be experiencing great fear and may stop them from following the system... READ MORE

Money Management Strategies For FX Traders by Warren Seah
Money Management - Refers to how you manage your trading capital, reducing risk and maxising profit. Survive First, Prosper Later Money management has two goals: survival and prosperity. The first priority is to survive, then to make small gains consistently and finally to make spectacular gains. Beginners tend to have these priorities reversed. They aimed for spectacular gains over short time frame but never think about long term survival. Professional traders are always more focus on minimising losses than growing equity... READ MORE

History of Foreign Exchange - 5 Events That Changed the World by Warren Seah
These are changes in the currency markets which caused substantial impact in the world economy. It is important that people learn about currency movements and how the occurrence of such events provide lucrative opportunities for currency investors to profit from the forex markets... READ MORE

Forex Market Overview - Get the Truth About Forex Trading by Warren Seah
Unlike the equity or futures market, the forex market does not have a centralised exchange. Trading the forex market does not involve an exchange and is usually traded in over-the-counter market where buyers and sellers conduct currency transactions... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of EA Trading by Warren Seah
With minimal investment and learning, you can trading automatically with a purchased EA and start profiting from the Forex market. EAs are best working without intervention on your part. This is made on the assumption that the EA system providers provide regular updates of the strategy... READ MORE

Forex EA's Trading - What They Are and How to Get Them by Warren Seah
Expert Advisers (EA) is a piece of software which is written for investors to automatically execute their trades on the forex market. It is functional 24 hours a day and can take advantage of short term trading opportunities if the investors/ traders are unable to monitor the market whole day... READ MORE

7 Reasons to Trade The Forex Market by Warren Seah
According to the Triennial Central Bank Survey of the foreign exchange market conducted by the Bank for International Settlements and published in October 2007, daily trading volume hit a record of $3.2 trillion, up from $1.9 trillion in 2004. This is estimated to be approximately 20 times larger than the daily trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ combined... READ MORE

5 Questions For a Winning Trading System by Warren Seah
Answer these 5 questions and you have the core components of a trading system. You are on the way to having your edge... READ MORE

Total Automation With Auto Forex Systems by Warren Seah
Auto Forex Trading Systems are computer programmed robots that auto trade the forex market for investors. Whether you like this idea or not, many commercial auto forex systems were created over the internet in the past 12 months... READ MORE

DIY Forex Trading School by Warren Seah
Is it possible to teach yourself forex trading? This is a guide about teaching beginners how to trade the forex market. Welcome to the DIY Forex Trading School!.. READ MORE

Invisible Costs That Eat Into Your Trading Profits by Warren Seah
Beginners hardly think of the cost of trading business, yet transaction costs are a leading cause of trader mortality. Adjusting and limiting the cost of trading will gives you an advantage over majority of traders in the market... READ MORE


Manage Your Trade For Forex Success by Charlie Ng
Forex money management has long been a topic shunned by many retail traders due to being restrictive to the vast potential of the profits one may gain. It is true that there is a huge potential to gain the market if one is willing to risk some capital but that may be only just a once in a while moment. In order to make consistent and profitable trades it takes just more than just plonking in huge amount of capital into a single trade... READ MORE


Trailing Stop Automation With Expert Advisor on Metatraderby Charlie Ng
With the sophistication of technology and the fast pace of trading, traders always demand quick and precise execution of their trades. Any delay in this execution could result in a loss opportunity to enter the market at the right time... READ MORE

Trailing Your Way to Forex Success by Charlie Ng
How many times have you traded in the market with pin point entry strategies that is sure to reap rewards but ended up in disappointment for the exits? I do hope it does not happen to you most of the time... READ MORE

Forex Trend Trading - The Trend is Your Friend by Charlie Ng
In forex trend trading, traders seem to employ the strategy of taking advantage of long term moves being played out in the markets. The trending system aims to work on the market trending behavior and benefit from both the bull and bear conditions. Traders who normally stick to this strategy uses market price calculation, moving averages, trend lines to determine the general direction of the market... READ MORE

The Problem With Forex Fundamental Analysis by Charlie Ng
There are basically two forms of analysis that traders divide themselves between: the fundamental and the technical. Though both forms of analysis are great in their own ways, they have their problem with them. In this article, i'll be focusing on the problem with forex fundamental analysis... READ MORE

The Power of Forex Technical Analysis by Charlie Ng
In the world of trading, the worst enemy to encounter is oneself. The emotional impulses stem from a person normally will win over the rational mind which results in bad trading decisions. Technical analysis is there to help us to put objectivity and rationalization back in place... READ MORE

Why Forex Money Management is Important to Traders' Survival by Charlie Ng
Whenever many novice forex traders come across the term forex money management, they either did not choose to employ it in their trading plan or they didn't even know about it. They take it as an afterthought and that the problem of money management will take care of itself if they are able to nail the perfect trade. This should raise an alarm as the existing leverage provided by brokers serves as a double edge sword... READ MORE

Making the Psychology of Trading a Part of Your Everyday Trading Tool by Charlie Ng
The state of the mind plays a huge contribution in any trading acts that you engage and it is essentially important that you have to prepare yourself mentally before any trade decision takes place. All of us have our own threshold level of risk taking before we break down and we need to develop a set of rules to keep our emotions in check should the worst of things happen to us during trading. All of this will not be possible if we didn't have trading tasks prepared beforehand to map out our procedures... READ MORE

5 Smart Reasons to Use Metatrader Expert Advisor by Charlie Ng
With it contains a vital tool which is the Metatrader Expert Advisor when utilized properly is a great addition to a trader's toolbox. What the expert advisor does is incredible that can totally transform the way you trade and boost your trading ability... READ MORE

How to Be a Multiple Time Frame Trader? by Charlie Ng
The usage of time frames to trade varies from trader to trader but most importantly a trader should be comfortable and proficient in using his/her favourite time frame to trade. The selection of time frame also reflects the trading style of a trader... READ MORE

A Different Look Into Exit Strategies - Trailing Stop Loss by Charlie Ng
The trailing stop loss order is beneficial in that it will follow the movement of the market when the order starts to profit. When you profit, the stop loss you set will move up a certain number of pips set by your own trailing stop rules as the market moves in favour of your trade position... READ MORE


Forex Trading Signals - Your Trading Advisor by Charlie Ng
Being an experienced trader to make tons of money a month in the Forex market is tempting but being a novice to tap the expertise of a pool of experienced traders for forex trading signals is smart and rewarding. What you need is have a credible source of good trading information that signals the right moment to you to place money on the right currency at the right time. The development of your own profitable, sustainable and feasible trading system could take much of your time depending how fast you want to achieve success in trading... READ MORE

Advanced Droid Tactics Review - Don't Buy Until You Read This by Charlie Ng
Advanced Droid Tactics Review (MegaDroid) This is a strategy created by Benjamin R.Cook. I am reviewing some of the information that makes this particular strategy different from the original Megadroid. In order not to reveal any of his strategy secrets, i am very careful in reviewing his way of using Megadroid so that his strategy copyrights are not infringed. .. READ MORE


The Hidden Costs of Forex Trading by Sam Evans

For the purpose of this article, I would like to highlight an aspect of Forex trading which is often the very last thing on the minds of traders: The cost of doing business. As is widely known, if one participates in the Equity or Futures markets, there is always a commission charge for taking a trade... READ MORE


A Practical use of Technical Indicators by Sam Evans

After having just spent six days in the Online Trading Academy classroom with a brand new group of Professional Forex Trader students, memories of my own experiences in the class have come flooding back to me. I distinctly remember how I felt when I was learning all about support, resistance and trends and as the pieces of the puzzle slowly started to fit together... READ MORE


Time for Some Mental Push-Ups by Sam Evans

Trading discipline is simply a hard skill to master. With dreams of making big money in the fastest possible time, the vast majority of novice and beginner traders typically learn this lesson the hard way. Being disciplined and patient is pretty much the last thing on the rookie trader's mind in the early stages of their career... READ MORE


Trade Management: Often Overlooked and Mostly Ignored by Sam Evans

There are many factors that determine the overall success rate for a trader. It is easy to see the vast differences between the novice and professional speculators, but as the beginner starts to make progress, it comes down to the more subtle factors which greatly distinguish the level of their consistency... READ MORE


When a Commodity is Really a Commodity by Sam Evans

As we all know, the Forex markets offer a variety of interesting and unique opportunities. While I personally trade a variety of asset classes, including Stock Index Futures and Commodities as well as Forex, my discipline and technical approach to each of these markets remains the same. I look for low risk, high probability opportunities, respecting the governing laws of Supply and Demand at all times... READ MORE


Forex: The Advantage is Clear by Natalia Kobseva

When it comes to trading in any market, Forex currency trading has a huge advantage over other players in trading business. Firstly, the Forex market has the advantage of time freedom. You see in the 4x market one can trade around the clock from Monday through Friday. In the stock market that is simply not possible since the market closes at 4:00. This advantage of time freedom allows those who have not yet earned enough money trading in the 4x market to maintain their day jobs while trading at night. It is also quite plausible to trade in the morning before a person goes to work. Trading the Forex can become an excellent second job for you... READ MORE


8 Aspects to Look at When Deciding on a Forex Broker by Jeremy Watts

Looking for a suitable Forex broker can be a difficult process. Whilst there is no shortage of brokers, choosing one from the many that are available can be a complex decision. Take a look at the following 8 points to ensure that the broker you choose is the one that is most suitable for your individual trading needs... READ MORE


From Forex Newcomer to Professional Trader in 6 Easy Steps by Jeremy Watts

Trading on the foreign exchange market is something which is becoming more and more popular. If you have heard about it and are interested, take a look at these 6 steps as they should act as a perfect guideline for anyone looking to becoming a successful trader. 1. Understanding what Forex is is the first and foremost point that anyone interested in trading on the foreign exchange market should take note of. It may sound surprising, but it is not uncommon for someone to try and learn or even trade Forex without actually knowing what it is... READ MORE


Practical Uses of Technical Analysis for Forex Trading by Cory Ross

When trading forex, one of the main cornerstones of your trading system will be a method or technique that help you select the entry and exit points of all your trades. To achieve this, many newbies resort to listening to hunches or tips from so-called forex gurus whilst others follow price alerts provided by the financial media or their forex brokers... READ MORE


A Quick Look at Currency Trading for Newbies by Eddie Lamb

When you choose to try CashTrading, generally known as Forex, you will find that one smallish guide about currency trading for newbies will certainly fall considerably short of supplying you with 100% of the details you must have. There are a ton of content articles to think about if it turns out you are likely to embark on trading in the Foreign Exchange Market... READ MORE


A Basic Summary of Forex Signals for Positive Trading by Eddie Lamb

If you are just starting Forex trading or considering starting this vocation, you are likely to notice that there are loads of Forex signals upon which trading choices are made. The Forex market moves, shifts, and trades twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The market is volatile and is incredibly hard to be successful in when other types of trading strategies and methods are used... READ MORE


Trusting the Trade by Sam Evans

This week Sam focuses on the need to trust your trades by using a couple of recent examples from the price activity on the AUDUSD. He explains that when a good trade presents itself to him on a chart, he needs to take that trade and trust the trade, no matter what else he sees or hears - and how you should do the same... READ MORE


Fat Fingers, Hung Parlimets and Greek tradegies by Sam Evans

Sam looks at what happened in the markets on May 6th and how the uncertainty of the events in Greece and England, and the mistake of a trader hitting the wrong order button were astounding... READ MORE


Getting into the Lucrative World of Forex Trading

For many years the foreign exchange market was the preserve of major players such as national banks and multi-national corporations. In the 1980s
however new rules were introduced which permitted smaller investors to enter the market through a margin account. In simple terms, a margin
account allows you to trade with more money than you actually have in your trading account. For example, a 100:1 margin account allows you to
participate in trading up to $100,000 with an investment of only $1,000... READ MORE


Day Forex Signal Strategy Trading
Day forex signal strategy trading is different from swing trading strategy in frequency of trade signals, depth of stop-loss, and profit-taking levels.
Forex day trading is meant for active traders... READ MORE


Forex Foreign Exchange Brokers
Forex or Foreign Exchange is all about exchange of currencies of one country to the others’. It is about investing money in foreign currencies
to gain profit by selling it at a higher price. Till few years back, currency trading was limited to large banks and financial institutions and they had
access to the tools and methods to trade Forex... READ MORE


Forex Professional System Trading

Forex market has a turnover of more than three trillions dollars a day, which is undoubtedly the greatest of all the financial markets. Forex
professional system trading allows you to trade through a global network of banks, corporations and individuals... READ MORE


Questions to Ask - Answers to Know by Sam Evans

If you are looking to participate in Forex trading anytime soon, or even if you are an experienced trader seeking a new challenge away from what you are currently involved with, Sam recommends asking yourself a series of questions before doing anything else... READ MORE


Trading Forex for a Living: What We Can Really Expect by Sam Evans

Sam explains that if you learn to trade from technical reasons rather than simply for the money, you are most definitely on the right track to making things work in your trading. With a little practice and self discovery, you can get into a routine of sticking to a plan and making successful trades... READ MORE


Forex Market Gaps: A Practical Understanding by Sam Evans

While not as regular in the Forex markets, gaps can offer the trader some fantastic trading opportunities when they happen. Sam shares a specific example of this in this week's article... READ MORE


All Eyes on Sterling by Simon Brown

With the election looming it’s all eyes on sterling. As always at this time of the election cycle much of the attention amongst global FX players is towards sterling. And by ‘attention’ I don’t mean necessarily buying interest, especially with the prospect of a hung parliament... READ MORE


A New Era of Forex Trading? by Sam Evans

Sam looks at the recent Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) proposed plans for US Forex trading and the debate surrounding them. The pros and cons are looked at in this article… READ MORE


I Did It My Way by Sam Evans

The subject of this week's article is concerned with perhaps the most vital ingredient in the recipe for consistently profitable Forex trading: the individual. As well as grasping a deep understanding of market price action, a solid awareness of risk management principles and objective analytical technical skills, every trader across the world today also needs to fully recognize that in the end, when all is said and done, they are the true variable in the distinction between ongoing trading success or financial ruin... READ MORE


Automated Trading by Marilyn McDonald

Any trader who is even remotely familiar with retail foreign exchange knows what an extremely volatile market it is. This year alone international currencies have fluctuated wildly, with the dollar reaching decade, and in some cases even all-time, lows. Within the forex market realm, however, volatility often creates opportunity. And because forex is open for trading 24 hours a day, five-and-a-half days a week, it is nearly impossible for any one trader to take full advantage of every opportunity that arises during market hours... READ MORE


FX Trading by Numbers by Marilyn McDonald

I have often heard trading referred to as an art. I can certainly see the truth in that. However, just as some artists start with the paint-by-number kits, so should some traders start by considering the numbers when setting up their trading plans... READ MORE


Getting Your Head Straight - Mentally Preparing to Trade by Marilyn McDonald

Welcome to week 5. It’s time to pull a Dr. Phil. It’s time to get inside your own head. Let’s find out, are you mentally prepared to trade? ..READ MORE


Forex by David Jones

Over recent years one market type more than any other seems to have grabbed the attention of spread betting clients – and this is forex. At the beginning of 2009, as equity markets continued to plumb the depths and were shunned by investors, at IG Index for the first time ever we saw forex overtake equities in monthly trading volume... READ MORE


Spreadbetting and Forex by David Jones

It is fair to say that the spread betting industry has changed dramatically in the last 15 years – this way of speculating on financial markets has definitely moved into the mainstream and is no longer just the preserve of those who work in the City... READ MORE


The False Security of a Virtual Environment by Sam Evans

Sam explains the advantages and disadvantages of using demo and/or simulated accounts whether or not you are a new or novice trader. There is a danger of feeling safe in a virtual environment... READ MORE


Back To Basics, Part 1: Trends by Sam Evans

Sam discusses how we sometimes need to keep things simple in trading. This week he will discuss Trend which is the first of three vital areas of importance you must consider for any market opportunity… READ MORE  


Knowing When Enough is Enough by Sam Evans

Sam takes a look this week at the importance of having Discipline in your daily trading. He looks at focusing on the execution of each trade, not the consequences, and to remember when enough is enough… READ MORE  


Short, Sweet and to the Point by Sam Evans

Sam shares some statistics with you from one of his ongoing Extended Learning Track (XLT) students to show you the ideal model for consistent, profitable trading… READ MORE  


Forex Minds Want to Know by Sam Evans 

Sam answers a few of the recent questions from students. He has discovered that a majority of the questions he receives often cover similar subjects and a wide variety of topics. Everyone can take something from this article… READ MORE 


Perception vs Reality, Part 1: Value and Price by Sam Evans 

There are many reasons why the majority of individuals fail to make regular profits from Forex trading, but in the end, it all stems from the simple fact that most people are completely unaware of the differences between perception and reality. This week Sam explores the difference between price and value… READ MORE 


Perception vs Reality, Part 2: Consistent Wins or Consistent Profits  by Sam Evans 

Sam continues his exploration of the differences between trading perceptions and realities. He discusses the myth regarding the subject of win to loss ratios… READ MORE


Perception vs Reality, Part 3: Technical Analysis vs Price Action by Sam Evans

Two weeks ago Sam explored the difference between Value and Price and continued last week with an investigation of being a consistently profitable trader rather than a consistent winner. This week he has his final piece where he illustrates the difference between understanding price and using technicals. They are two completely different things and unless you fully understand these differences, then it is unlikely that your trading career will progress much further… READ MORE