TradersQ Course on Elliott Wave


Welcome to our free online Elliott Wave Course.

Please do take your time to digest this information.  The course will always be here for another day, and will always be free.

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The modules within this course are as follows:

Module 1 - Introduction

Module 2 - Basic Theory

Module 3 - Introduction to Patterns

Module 4 - Trends in Classic Elliott Wave Patterns

Module 5 - Corrections in Classic Elliott Wave Patterns

Module 6 - Trends in Modern Elliott Wave Patterns

Module 7 - Corrections in Modern Elliot Wave Patterns

Module 8 - Channeling

Module 9 - Fibonacci Ratios

Module 10 - General

Module 11 - General Directives for Trading

Module 12 - Trading Example

Module 13 - Simple, but Effective Trading Strategy


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