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E-Mini Articles


Specializing is Key for Trading Success by Gabe Valezquez

A common thread among these high achievers is that they find their niche, and continue to work to better themselves throughout their careers. From an early age, they have a good grasp of what talents they possess, and begin harnessing those strengths before most others are trying to figure out their lot in life. Moreover, those that don't have exceptional talents simply work harder than their peers to attain exceptional feats... READ MORE


A Picture is PWorth a Thousand Words by Gabe Valezquez

Speculating in financial markets entails continuous observation, and extrapolation of price graphs, thus visual imagery is a powerful teaching tool when conveying trading concepts in the technical realm. When we think of effective presentations, aside from good descriptive verbal delivery, these are usually done with PowerPoint slides. Often, images can complement and fully capture the essence of what is being expressed... READ MORE


Futures Q&A by Gabe Velazquez

Over the last several weeks, my inbox has been bulging with questions from readers of Lessons from the Pros, and Online Trading Academy students alike. I've gone through most of them and picked a few that I feel will be instructive to readers of this newsletter. So in this missive, I thought I'd share some of them. Let's get right to it... READ MORE


Lessons of Good Golfing Applied to Trading by Gabe Velazquez

A long time ago (before I was married and had kids), I would love spending Saturdays on the golf course. Being outdoors, competing, and challenging one's physical and mental abilities has always appealed to me, and the game of golf certainly fit the bill. There are many lessons from the golf course that can be directly applied to being successful in trading. Let's go through some of the most important ones and draw the parallels with trading... READ MORE


The Problem with Small Profits by Gabe Velazquez

There's an old saying that you can never go broke by taking profits. I believe that statement to be true, as long as the profits outstrip the losses by a ratio of at least five-to-one. I see too many traders who are very happy to capture small profits, as the immediate gratification of making any kind of gains makes them feel good. The issue they encounter is that those small gains, over time, cannot compensate for the inevitable losses that are a natural consequence of trading, and the costs associated with trading... READ MORE


Is the Globex Session Worth Trading? Yes! by Gabe Velazquez

In an effort to give some perspective to the often asked question of whether to look at the overnight price chart (otherwise known as Globex), or stick to viewing only the day session information, in this piece, I'm going to show the different ways to look at both sets of data. In addition, we'll assess which information is most relevant in putting together a sound trading strategy for overnight trading... READ MORE


Three Methods to Trade (or Not Trade) Consolidating E-Mini Contract Patterns by David S Adams
It goes without saying that every e-mini day trader prefers to trade a trending market, they are the easiest to trade and have the highest probability trades for success. Unfortunately, markets tend to trend only about 30% of the time. The remainder of the trading session consists of normal backing and filling operations, sometimes referred to as "market noise."... READ MORE


Why Do E-Mini Trading Courses Cost So Much? by David S Adams
A casual perusal of the e-mini day trading courses available will leave a potential new trader with sticker shock. It is not unusual to see courses that are priced at $5000 or more. By any measure, this is a high-end purchase for most individuals. Of course, the question is a simple one, why are day trading courses so expensive?.. READ MORE


ES E-Mini Trading - Skilled Profession Or Just Gambling? by David S Adams
Sometimes the public perceives trading as a form of gambling. While there are risks involved in day trading, it is anything but gambling. Day traders use a finite set of criteria to evaluate trades, while gamblers ( with some exceptions) rely upon luck and chance... READ MORE


E Mini Trading Before the Session Opens by David S Adams
One of my favorite times to trade the ES e mini is in the hours before the session opens. I usually start around 6 AM CST and find more than my share of good trading opportunities. The market is generally fairly tame and that trading is usually not frenetic... READ MORE

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading the ES Emini? by David S Adams
I am often asked about the potential to make money in the trading business, and it is not an easy question to answer. Above all, trading takes discipline and experience, so the learning curve can be very steep if you approach it without the proper training and mind set. Further, a well trained ES emini trader has to learn to control his/her emotions, which is easier said than done... READ MORE


Do You Trade ES Emini Market Noise or the Trend by David S Adams
I trade the overbought and oversold condition on the ES Emini contract, not the market noise. The market noise is the background noise and not a trend. I have found trading market noise is unprofitable and unforgiving. Trade the trend, not the noise... READ MORE


How to Enter and Scale Out of an ES Emini Trade by David S Adams
Instead of using market orders to enter your ES Emini trades consider a different entry strategy and scaling out of your trades. You can lower your risk a bit and add money to your bottom line by avoiding market orders... READ MORE


Es Emini Day Trading - Welles Wilder's Continuing Legacy in Technical Trading by David S Adams
A summary of the profound effect Wells Wilder had upon technical analysis. Brief mention of his ground breaking technical systems like the ADX, Average True Range, RSI, and Parabolic Stop and Reverse are discussed, along with his Delta Phenomena theory... READ MORE

ES Emini Day Trading - The Perfect Day Job by David S Adams
Much has changed, and now day trading the ES Emini is within the reach of anyone with a computer. With some training, it is possible to earn an impressive living trading from your home... READ MORE


ES E-mini Day Trading - Simple Moving Averages by David S Adams
In my trading, I strike an 89 period moving average on every chart I trade. If the price action is significantly below the 89 period moving average, or has spent most of the day below the average, I simply eliminate any long trade from my thinking... READ MORE


ES Emini Day Trading - Sure Fire Methods to Fail by David S Adams
I mentioned in a previous article that I have had the opportunity to sit in on more than my share of trading rooms. Some were very good, some were...ah...erm...not so good. I am a strong believer in solid trading education, flawless execution of the technique you learned, and trying to keep your emotions from affecting your ability to read the chart you are trading. I have come up with a list of things that I feel are essential for the average trader to fail... READ MORE


ES Emini Day Trading - Are You Serious About Trading Or Just Going Through the Motions? by David S Adams
ES Emini Day Trading: Are You Serious About Trading or Just Going Through the Motions The the ES Emini Contract requires a high level of concentration and training to trade with the kind of success to assure a predictable, full-time income, and with failure rate for novice traders in the high 70% range, I have to assume that something is terribly wrong with the method we, as traders, are educating new traders to participate in market. This statistic has been bothering me for quite a while, and it does not speak well for the trading education community... READ MORE


ES Emini Day Trading - Are You Confident in Your Trading Or Do You Trade and Hope For the Best? by David S Adams
There was a time in my life when I would spot a so-so set-up, take it, and hope for a profitable outcome. I was young, just learning to trade on Wall Street, and incompetent. If you are like most people you know the feeling of being unsure as to the direction of the trade you have chosen. More importantly, you hope that you have chosen the right direction in your trade and desperately fear that computer tone that indicates you have been stopped out, in the wrong direction... READ MORE

ES Emini - Make a Fortune on Single Set-Ups by David S Adams
It seems every trader I talk to has a favorite trade set-up that he/she claims has never lost money. Common sense dictates that such a statement is pure nonsense. I always think to myself "surely the trade has lost money at least once.".. READ MORE

ES Emini - Often Misused, the MACD Can Put Money in Your Pocket by David S Adams
I am interested in the this rate of change indicator to give me some insight into the strength of the current short trend. I cautioned early in the article not to use the MACD as a primary indicator, and I think this is good advice. In short term trading you will find yourself whipshawed in and out of trades and pile up small losses... READ MORE

ES Emini - More on the Scalping Style of Trading by David S Adams
My views on the way the market functions precludes me from making long term commitments to a given market direction. Market prognostication is an inexact science, at best, and most economists and traders have a miserable track record of predicting the future direction of market movement. So, I don't even try... READ MORE


Should You Invest in an Emini Trading Course? by David S Adams
A casual search of Google will turn up a plethora of emini trading courses which promise to revolutionize your trading and turn you into a literal trading machine. Without naming specific course, some of the claims are so outlandish as to be comical...and that is unfortunate... READ MORE


ES, NQ, YM - Which Emini Contract Should You Trade? by David S Adams
There are a multitude of futures contracts available to trade, and choosing the proper contract is a matter of great importance. Each contract has a distinct personality and pattern of price action. It is little wonder that novice trader bounce from futures contract to futures contract trying to find a profitable formula to trade... READ MORE


ES Emini - The Market is Right, You Are Wrong by David S Adams
If there were ever a tougher concept to assimilate than this little tidbit, I'd like to know what it would be. Common sense is a fine thing to possess, but it is of very little use when learning to trade ES Emini futures contracts. And here is the rub, the market does not always move in a logical manner... READ MORE


ES Emini Trading - The Scalping Style by David S Adams
Scalp trading is about making many small gains throughout the day and never about trying to hit a "home run" on a trade. Scalpers also rely heavily upon technical indicators and thus, most scalpers are experienced traders. Scalp traders risks are minimal and are an effective use of trading capital since this method of trading usually generates more winning trades than traditional day trading... READ MORE


ES Emini Trading - Is Your Trade Logical? by David S Adams
Trading is like math, or like using a calculator. If you don't include all of the variables in your trading equation, you are very likely to come up with an answer that just doesn't make sense... READ MORE

ES Emini - Long and Short Positions by David S Adams
Understand Long and Short trading styles is an important skill in futures trading. As these concepts are among the most basic, and fundamental strategies employed by traders I thought it might be wise to take a moment and explore the meaning of long and short trades and the implications of each trade... READ MORE


Slippage - ES Emini Trading by David S Adams
Slippage occurs when you sell or buy at a specified price and your actual execution price is higher or lower than your specified price. Even more likely, slippage can occur when you have a stop price specified and the executed stock price is higher or lower than you intended stop... READ MORE


Commodity Channel Indicator - Oscillator Or Trend Indicator by David S Adams
I thought I might begin a series of articles on some of the indicators I find helpful in my trading, so the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) seemed a logical place to start. The CCI can be a little tricky to use, but there are countless systems in which the CCI is an integral component. A simple search on Google will turn up a plethora of CCI related trading systems... READ MORE


How Many ES Or YM Emini Contracts Should I Trade? by David S Adams
Many unsuccessful traders tend to overtrade and trade too many contracts, which is a recipe for disaster. Be conservative in your trading... you don't have to conquer the world in one trade... READ MORE


Emini Trading - Do You Have Investing Style? by David S Adams
I think before anyone embarks upon serious study of trading, or trying to make a living at trading, he/she ought to consider the style of trading that best fits their personality. Unfortunately, the term "trader" means a lot of things and encompasses a wide range of trading styles and methodologies... READ MORE


Do You Over-Trade Your Emini Account by David S Adams
Over trading your account has it's roots in emotion and lack of discipline. Scrutinize your Emini trades carefully and take trade setups with a high degree of safety... READ MORE


Careful Use of Leverage in Trading Emini Contracts - A Must by David S Adams
Leverage can either maximize your return, or maximize your lose when trading the emini contracts. Your ability to manage this variable will have a great deal to do with your success in emini trading... READ MORE

Emini Trading - What Does the Current Oil Glut Mean? by David S Adams
While the long term price of oil may, in fact, be headed upward, in the short term we are faced with an oil glut of unprecedented proportions. This phenomena is the result of lessened demand for oil at a time when the country already had unusually high stockpiled a surplus of oil... READ MORE


Trading the Emini Vs Trading Penny Stocks by David S Adams
As a 25 year veteran of trading on both Wall Street and the CME there are very few areas of investing that are infested with more vice, scammers and downright cheating than the penny stock market. My opinion is to steer clear of the Penny Stock Market... READ MORE

Trading Emini Contracts - A Primer on Emotional Considerations by David S Adams
Its not uncommon, in fact it's very common, for traders to read several articles, possibly a book or two and decide that they are ready to tackle the trading the emini markets. After all, they have armed themselves with some basic information and possibly a technique that should allow them to succeed. At this point, untold millions of dollars hypothetically flow into their minds and untold riches are sure to be theirs... READ MORE

Trading Emini Contracts - Is There a Fool-Proof System? by David S Adams
I get asked often about how to trade the mini futures contracts. It seems that people, usually individuals new to trading, are looking for a "Holy Grail" when trading emini contracts... READ MORE

Do You Trade the Emini Using Stops? by David S Adams
An emotional attachment for a losing emini trade is often the recipe for disaster. Set your stops and accept a bad trade as a learning experience and part of the trading experience... READ MORE

Do Strong Biases Hinder Performance? by Gabe Velazquez

How often do you start the trading session with a strong conviction of where the market is headed? And as the day progresses, the price action of the market clearly contradicts your bias, yet you stubbornly cling to the notion that the market "has to do this "or "should do that." If this has happened, or continues to happen to you, it's not just you; it's a common occurrence among traders... READ MORE


Everyone's a Currency Trader Nowadays (Whether they Know it or Not) by Gabe Velazquez

Since the outbreak of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, the US stock market's center of attention has squarely been placed on the daily movements of the Euro currency; particularly, the dollar relationship between that currency... READ MORE


Identifying Buyers and Sellers is Key in Quantifying Risk by Gabe Velazquez

Job one for any trader is quantifying risk. To that end, identifying where risk is lowest on a price chart is a key element in formulating sound strategy. The way this is done can be very confusing to new traders, partly because there are vastly different ideas circulating throughout the trading community on the best ways to accomplish this... READ MORE


Continuously Askin 'Why' May Improve Trading Results by Gabe Velazquez

Why am I constantly missing trades? Why do I cut my winners short? Why do I let my losers go too far? And, why do I frequently break my rules? These are just a few questions that a struggling trader should be asking himself or herself... READ MORE


What Goes up, Must Come Down by Gabe Velazquez

Back in December of 2008, I wrote an article entitled, "The Rubber Band Effect." In it, I discussed the propensity of the market to overshoot in both directions, and the opportunities that the "reversion" trade usually presents....READ MORE


Not All Support & resitance Levels are Created Equal by Gabe Velazquez

Successful trading is NOT as easy as simply buying at support and selling at resistance. Gabe looks at an alternative to looking at support and resistance in the traditional manner… READ MORE


Identify, Assess, Execute and Manage by Gabe Valazquez

There are certain steps a trader should follow in order to become successful in this business. Gabe discusses these four steps and how they will allow you to identify what areas you are strong or weak in… READ MORE


Are Successful Traders Born or Created? by Gabe Valazquez

The question of whether successful traders are born or can be trained has been debated extensively. Gabe takes a look at this and gives his reasons for why he believes successful traders can be created… READ MORE