Blake Desaulnier


Blake Desaulniers has been in research and analysis for financial publications for 25 years, identifying trends and emerging market opportunities in micro-cap stocks for the Cleantech, Nanotech and Energy sectors. His Financial Profiles website and newsletter help investors find little-known companies whose share price is poised to explode by exploiting an important trend or technology breakthrough.


Three Types of Investors in a Bull Market: Innovators, Imitators and Idiots by Blake Desaulniers

Warren Buffet’s observation that there are three types of people in an economy: innovators, imitators and idiots, clearly reflects in the classic three phases, or legs, of a bull market. Innovators See Opportunity in Bears. Since the start of 2009, we’ve seen Buffet’s “innovators” move, with markets up 30 per cent or more. Despite ubiquitous bad news, disastrous trailing indicators, and headlines announcing bankruptcies, bailouts and mayhem in the financial markets, innovators made their move early as usual, picking up stocks at bargain process from those who wanted to, or were forced to sell into a market characterized by fear... READ MORE


Two key Trends in Packaging Revolution Drive New Investment Opportunities by Blake Desaulniers

Higher oil prices and consumer demand for sustainable packing give investors a new way to profit. Sustainable packaging represents a massive investment opportunity, as we move away from plastics and into more responsible materials. Packaging comes wrapped around just about every product you can imagine, at some stage in its life cycle. With the annual global market reaching $420 billion, it stands to reason why this will be a hot sector to watch... READ MORE