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David Jones


David Jones is Chief Market Strategist at market leading spread betting company IG Index. David has worked in financial markets for more than a decade and qualified as a technical analyst in 1995. Over recent years he has been involved in creating and running a wide range of educational programmes for private and institutional investors and is responsible for a variety of seminars and webinars at IG.

Forex by David Jones

Over recent years one market type more than any other seems to have grabbed the attention of spread betting clients – and this is forex. At the beginning of 2009, as equity markets continued to plumb the depths and were shunned by investors, at IG Index for the first time ever we saw forex overtake equities in monthly trading volume... READ MORE

Spreadbetting and Forex by David Jones

It is fair to say that the spread betting industry has changed dramatically in the last 15 years – this way of speculating on financial markets has definitely moved into the mainstream and is no longer just the preserve of those who work in the City... READ MORE

Low Stress Trading by David Jones

The gyrations in financial markets over the last couple of years have been so extreme that there were times they were rarely out of the mainstream news media. This sort of coverage highlighted the volatility and potential opportunity to a whole new audience – but of course hand in hand with all these major movements goes additional risk... READ MORE