Michael Covel

Nationality: American
Website: http://www.trendfollowing.com

Michael W. Covel is the founder and President of Trend Following. A researcher of the most successful trend-following investment managers, he has been in the alternative investments industry consulting on trend following to individual traders, hedge funds, and banks for ten years.

Covel's clients range from new and experienced individual traders and investors to multinational hedge funds and corporations. He has had unparalleled face to face access with the great traders of our time. Interviewing dozens of fund managers managing collectively well over $10 billion USD has given Covel a unique understanding.

From his writing to public speaking, Covel pulls no punches. Passionately educating his clients in order to find that "edge" has made Covel a widely respected expert in the field. He writes for numerous industry publications including Your Trading Edge, SFO Magazine, and TradingMarkets.com and is continually quoted and interviewed by Barron's, Bloomberg, and Technical Analysis Magazine, to name but a few. An experienced and successful entrepreneur, he is a frequent guest on national radio talk shows.

Mr. Covel is also Managing Editor at TurtleTrader.com®, the leading Trend Following news and commentary resource since 1996. TurtleTrader, one of the largest and strongest trading community on the web, with over 7.5 million unique visitors since its inception, also functions as a resource center for the Trend Following Educational Course. Thousands of clients from more than 70 countries have engaged in years of debate and interchange, making the site the rich archive of trading information, data, and opinion that it continues to be today.


Interview with Michael Covel by John Forman

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