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Keeping an Eye Out For Penny Stock Turnaround Situations by Chad Kettering
When a company is headed in the wrong financial direction and they want to reverse course, this is considered a turnaround situation. A company on this path often doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may or may not be the company's fault... READ MORE

Why the Best Penny Stocks Initiate Buy Back Programs by Chad Kettering

The most direct act that a company can do to increase the price of its stock is to buy up its own shares in the open market. The best penny stock companies often launch buy back programs when they seek to diminish the number of shares outstanding (the number of shares available in the market). The share bought in the open market can be retired... READ MORE

Penny Stocks - The Pressure of Proving Credibility by Chad Kettering

Penny stocks have the added pressure of proving their credibility. When you see a penny stock company make a donation, sponsor an event, or communicate to the public in any way, you can be sure that publicity will follow. And publicity creates credibility... READ MORE

How Hot Penny Stocks Distinguish Themselves From the Competition by Chad Kettering
Penny stock companies often have exclusive arrangements with well known corporations and are poised to reap tremendous gains. Affiliations with larger companies can certainly distinguish a hot penny stock from just another wannabe... READ MORE

Why Some of the Best Penny Stocks Have Operations Overseas by Chad Kettering

Overseas markets offer many opportunities that are not found domestically. Labor is cheaper in many countries than it is in the United States. Minimum wage in the United States averages $7 an hour in most states, while the average Mexican worker earns $7 per day... READ MORE

Analyzing Management to Find the Best Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

Businesses in every market and of every size share one thing in common. They all depend on the people running them. For a small investor analyzing management as part of their due diligence in finding the best penny stocks; you need to ask fundamental, common sense questions... READ MORE

How to Assign a Value to the Best Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

When trying to assign a value to a penny stock, one of the factors to look at is the cash per share that the company has. The cash per share is a public number you can find by going to an online finance site or within a brokerage account you may maintain. By looking at the profile of a reporting company, you should be able to see how much cash per share the company has... READ MORE

Understanding the Intrinsic Value and Book Value to Uncover Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

The intrinsic value of a company is its book value. By subtracting the liabilities of a company from the assets... READ MORE

Watching the "Volume" to Pick the Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

The volume of the amount of shares traded has a profound effect on all penny stocks. The difference in penny stocks and large stocks is that pennies are more susceptible to volume than larger stocks. But this can be used to your advantage... READ MORE

How the Number of Authorized Shares Affect Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
The authorized shares of a company refer to the maximum number of share a company can issue to the market. This number is part of a company's corporate charter. A company can change this number with shareholder approval... READ MORE

Understanding PE Ratios to Find Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

The first step to determining the PE, or Price Earning ratio, is by dividing earnings by the number of shares. Then divide the price of the share by the earnings per share to obtain the PE ratio... READ MORE

Importance of Market Caps For Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering

An important financial consideration for examining penny stocks is understanding a stock's market capitalization. The market cap of a company is the price of a share multiplied by the total number of shares outstanding... READ MORE

Creating a Penny Stock to Watch List by Chad Kettering
An old-fashioned, but beneficial tool to help penny stock investors screen for hot penny stocks, is to create a penny stock to watch list. Using financial techniques like PE ratios and market cap analysis, can help you produce a list of companies to follow. Here are some simple steps to helping you create your list: Determine 2-3 industries you want to follow and choose 3-5 stocks in that industry... READ MORE

Examining the "Float" to Uncover the Best Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
One analytical tool to help in uncovering the best penny stocks is the "float". The float of a company is the outstanding stock minus any restricted stock... READ MORE

A Layman's Guide to Finding Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
Finding a hot penny stock is a bit challenging given the lack of transparency. There are no financial statements to read or annual reports to sift over. So how would you start?.. READ MORE

Understanding the Hidden Value in Pink Sheet Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
Penny stocks that trade on the pink sheets often have hidden value, so it's important to understand the process and take the pink sheets seriously. If you're a first time investor, a couple of quick definitions: First, a spread is the difference between the bid and ask price... READ MORE

Pink Sheets - The Wild West of Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
There is a small securities market that resembles the era of the wild west... and it's called the Pink Sheets. There are some exciting opportunities in this market, but solid due diligence and research is required as there are almost no rules and oversight... READ MORE

The Difference Between Nasdaq and the OTCBB by Chad Kettering
For penny stock investors, it's important to understand the distinction between the Nasdaq and the OTCBB. Over The Counter Market companies do not have filing standards. Conversely, there are very strict qualifications for a company to list its stock on the Nasdaq... READ MORE

The "Market Makers" of Hot Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
Market Makers are Over The Counter Market dealers who compete to buy and sell shares of stocks including some of the best penny stocks. Following simple supply and demand theory, they set their own buy and sell prices, called "bid" and "ask" respectively. As an example, a typical market maker may set his bid at... READ MORE

The OTCBB Market - Where Penny Stocks to Watch Reside by Chad Kettering

The OTCBB stands for the Over The Counter Market Bulletin Board. This is where securities trade that are not part of NASDAQ or any national securities exchange. The OTCBB is a regulated quotation service that provides real time quotes, sales prices and volume information for equities... READ MORE

The Different Definitions of a Penny Stock by Chad Kettering
Most of the public thinks of a penny stock being defined as a stock that trades for 1 cent. Most investors deem any stock that trades under five dollars to be a penny stock and follow this "rule of thumb" as to help separate these types of stocks as high-risk. Although the public and investors are both somewhat correct, the definition is much broader and has to be looked at from different perspectives... READ MORE

Is it Worth Investing in Penny Stocks? by Chad Kettering
The very nature of penny stocks, make them very rewarding and dangerous at the same time. So you may ask, why invest in them at all?... READ MORE

A Misguided Theory on Penny Stocks by Chad Kettering
Penny stocks should not just be considered if they have positive earnings. Often the best penny stocks are undervalued and close to positive earnings... READ MORE

Simple Penny Stock Trading Tips by Chad Kettering
Like any type of investing, it's important to weigh the risk versus the rewards. If you're new to penny stock investing, here are a few simple trading tips: Diversify - How often have you heard the phrase "don't put all you eggs in one basket"? The same holds true for investing in low-priced stocks... READ MORE

What Are Penny Stocks? by Chad Kettering
According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, a penny stock, also known as a micro cap equity, refers to a share in a company which trades for less than $5.00. While this is the official definition, generally most brokers, analysts and institutional investors, stick to the more loosely held criteria applied by the general public and most retail investors... READ MORE