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CFD Articles

CFDs, Greed and Trading Psychology by Andy Richardson
If you have £10,000 and open a CFD account you will be in a position to place trades worth between £40,000 and £100,000 in underlying equivalent equity. This is because margin requirements of between 10-25% are in effect on most London Stock exchange listed shares. Greedy people do this and use their maximum margin allowance... READ MORE

Contracts for Difference and CFDs Trading in Italy by Andy Richardson
Brokers offering CFDs have opened branches in many European countries, and Italy has a local branch of IG Markets, a worldwide broker headquartered in London. CMC Markets is another large dealer that has spread worldwide, and also has an Italian division. Both of these CFD brokers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK... READ MORE

Choosing a CFD Trading Provider - What CFDs Can I Trade? by Andy Richardson
In order to stay competitive, many CFD providers have chosen to compete on the range of products that they offer, and you'll commonly find perhaps 7000 different CFD products available. Which you choose will depend on your view of the various markets... READ MORE

Contracts For Difference and Margin Trading Workings by Andy Richardson
What is a Contract for Difference? CFDs offer you the ability to deal in the price movements of a wide range of financial instruments, such as stocks, without actually owning the underlying asset. Like traditional share dealing, the scope is for speculators to profit from the price moving in their favour, but CFDs give you the potential to profit from both rising and falling markets... READ MORE

Understanding Contracts For Difference, Risk and Leverage by Andy Richardson
Trading contracts for difference on margin means that you are able to take large market positions in relation to the money you have deposited. However, it is important to understand that margin trading magnifies both your profits and your losses... READ MORE

CFDs and the Power of Leverage by Andy Richardson
When I started trading CFDs some 8 years ago, I ended up getting carried away and lost the amount I decided to risk. The fact is however that we all have losses and mine was a classic case of being successful in the early stages only to see my profit wiped out after I started increasing my trade sizes... READ MORE

Why Should I Trade Commodities Using CFDs? by Andy Richardson
I now tend to stick to share trends and commodity trends over 5-10 day periods and it is working out well now. Thing is I greatly enjoy it and it is profitable for me too, it just wasn't initially. I only use a guaranteed account as I don't want to be leveraged... READ MORE

Is Spread Betting Gambling and If So is Trading CFDs Also Gambling? by Andy Richardson
Spread betting and CFDs are both essentially gambling on the share price movement, and no matter how much some traders and investors try to rubbish spread bets, these products still have their place in the long picture with actual physical share holdings remaining the favourite for the long-term investor. Whether investing or trading there is always the element of speculation involved - none of us know the future regardless of how much technical analysis and research we do... READ MORE

Are CFDs Similar to Shares? by Andy Richardson
CFDs are very similar to conventional shares dealing with a few important differences. With a contract for difference you deal based on the actual price of the stock while paying a commission which is computed as a percentage of the value of the market exposure... READ MORE

Contracts for Difference - Are the Dominoes Toppling? by Andy Richardson
Since they burst onto the trading scene in the UK a few short years ago, Contracts For Difference (CFD's) have revolutionised the way that Private Traders can now trade. Advances in technology have allowed the average private trader to have at his fingertips trading resources that were previously only available to the professional trader... READ MORE

Winning Tips and Trading Strategies for Trading Contracts for Difference by Andy Richardson
Contracts For Difference have now become so popular that analysts have suggested that a large percentage of the UK stock market turnover is now attributable to CFDs. The growth has also spread beyond the UK, to Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland, with many markets being added each month... READ MORE