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R J Camposagrado


Making Sense of This Stock Market by RJ Camposagrado

The stock market's lifeless performance year to date shows that it has lost the momentum from its spectacular run last year. This lack of conviction and direction (even in the face of a growing economy and strong earnings) may seem puzzling. But is it? My short answer is: No, it's not puzzling. The goal here is to help you make sense of it all and give you a few investment ideas along the way to profitably navigate this stock market environment. Compared to the turbulence of the last two years, it is envisioned 2010 to be a fairly tame affair, with the major indices up a moderate but unspectacular 5% to 10%. I see the year as one of stability and consolidation, both in the equity markets as well as the underlying economy. Keep in mind that this outlook is not contradictory with periods of weakness, as we have seen recently, followed by stagnation and/or positive gains. Not every sector and every stock will be stuck in such a tight range... READ MORE