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Brandon Wendell



Brandon has appeared as a guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business Channel. He has conducted special seminars for CNBC staff on technical analysis of the financial markets. Brandon has published articles in The Trader's Journal, Forex Journal, Investor Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily. Brandon has also appeared as an industry expert speaker at the Trader’s Expo, The Money Show, and Asia Traders and Investors Conference.

As a former stockbroker, brokerage trader, and hedge fund trader, Brandon brings various market views and insight to his trading classes and lectures. A wealth of knowledge, he has held NASD securities series 7 and 63 licenses. An Online Trading Academy graduate himself in 1998, Brandon has been trading equities, options, forex, and futures in his own account since. Brandon taught for Online Trading Academy in 1999 to 2001 before becoming a Realtor and commercial mortgage broker and also managing a venture capital firm.

Returning to the Online Trading Academy family late in 2005, he now balances trading, teaching and a real estate career. Brandon is also the San Diego Chapter Chair of the Market Technicians Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician Designation.  For more information please visit.


Going Mental! by Brandon Wendell

When people ask me what training has helped me become successful as a trader, they are usually surprised to hear that it is my background in psychology. Of course, the ability to read price and understand technical indications is important, but even those traders who have the best plans and well thought out trading plans will fail if they cannot execute properly... READ MORE


Has the Fed Lost Their Mojo? by Brandon Wendell

A popular question when I was being interviewed by the Indian media was, "Do you think the Quantitative Easing Part 2 will work?" My immediate response is usually, "If the QE program by the Fed is so effective for getting the US economy on track, why did we have to have a second round?"... READ MORE


Spotting Fed Action by Brandon Wendell

Much has been said recently about the proposed Quantitative Easing Part Two (QE2) program currently in progress by the Federal Reserve. Whether or not this will help the struggling US economy is yet to be seen. However, the simple fact that there had to be a QE2 signals the effectiveness of QE1. Politics aside, there is a technical way that you can identify when Fed actions are taking place. You can use this technique to identify potential trend changes and judge the strength of current trends... READ MORE


Paragliding Parallels! by Brandon Wendell

My fellow instructor Darek Zelek and I traveled to Kamshet, India to visit Sanjay Rao at Fly Nirvana. I was amazed at how much paragliding had in common with trading. In fact, two of my fellow students were also traders. In paragliding, there is an inherent risk as there is with trading. Trade improperly and you lose your money, fly improperly and... well you know. Sanjay's course was focused on safety and risk management. This parallels the importance Online Trading Academy places on the same with your trading... READ MORE


What I learned by Brandon Wendell

One of the many benefits of being a trader and specifically, an instructor for Online Trading Academy, is that I get to meet with many interesting people. I was recently given the opportunity to meet with executives of the two major exchanges in India, several traders for major firms, a Senior VP of currency trading for a major worldwide brokerage firm, and even a stock market astrologer! ..READ MORE


Hedging Your Gains by Brandon Wendell

Namaste! By the time you read this article, I will be halfway through teaching my last Professional Trader Class in India for a while. President Barack Obama will also be in India for a visit. See the picture right for the local reaction to his visit. It has been an amazing trip with the launch of Online Trading Academy's newest center. Again, I wish to extend my thanks to all who made me feel at home in these four months I have spent here. Happy Diwali! ..READ MORE


The Big One by Brandon Wendell

Namaste! I'm back in India at the Online Trading Academy Mumbai office. It has been a busy week with my appearance on both Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV in India. Fortunately, Darek Zalek has joined me at the new Mumbai office and is sharing the instructing duties. I am lucky to have such a qualified and passionate co-instructor like Darek here... READ MORE


Proper Persepctive, Part II by Brandon Wendell

I am attending the Online Trading Academy International Conference this week. It is an amazing experience and I am fortunate to be able to share trading information and strategies with some of the brightest minds in the industry. One of the unique benefits of being part of the Online Trading Academy family is that you are able to be exposed to many different perspectives of the markets from various instructors... READ MORE


Proper Perspective by Brandon Wendell

When we trade, it is all too easy to get caught up in the moment. This is especially true for higher speed intraday traders. The problem is that when we trade like this, it is like running full speed with your head looking straight down. Sure, you can see the immediate obstacles and dangers, but you cannot be prepared for that large wall that lies directly in your path. If we trade "in the moment," we will financially run head first into that wall and we know that is no fun... READ MORE


The Relationship between Stock prices & Bond Prices by Brandon Wendell

Recently, I had the opportunity to teach a session of Online Trading Academy's Extended Learning Track (XLT) - Forex. In the class, we were identifying potential trades that were to play out in the next few days to weeks. One of the comments that I made in the class resulted in a flood of emails being sent to me from the students. I was discussing inter-market analysis and mentioned that bonds and stocks tend to move together in the same direction... READ MORE


Divergence & Trend Issues by Brandon Wendell

There is no doubt that the markets have been trying to move higher and higher recently. The questions on most traders' minds are: "How high can the indexes go? Is this still a bull market?" We can look at several technical indications to try and answer this question. To summarize my overall perspective on the markets right now, I'd have to say I am a very nervous bull... READ MORE


Volatility Stops by Brandon Wendell

As a trading instructor, I sometimes catch myself muttering in my sleep, "Make sure you set your stop on that trade!" Ok, so I may not actually do that. But I am saying it constantly in the classes I teach. It is the main thing we as traders can do to help prevent catastrophic losses in our accounts. We must protect ourselves on every trade we take. There are no traders out there who win on every trade and the ones who are long-term profitable are consistent with their analysis of risk and protect their capital... RED MORE


Making the Trade by Brandon Wendell

New traders often become confused when deciding what tools to use in order to analyze the markets and select trading opportunities. Looking at the selections available as well as the tools offered in today's advanced trading software, it is easy for one to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there is a simple and logistical way to sort through the market ebbs and flows and identify the highest probability, lowest risk trading opportunities... READ MORE


Market Moves by Brandon Wendell

Students often ask me how they can find the stocks that are best poised to move for the following trading session, or even over several sessions for a swing trade. The answer does not only lie with the stock itself, but with the price action of the broader market. I have stated before in my classes and in past articles, the largest influence on a stock's movement is the trend strength and direction of the broad market. In fact, on average, 60% of a stock's movement is directly related to the direction of the market it belongs to... READ MORE


Adding Water to the Tea Leaves by Brandon Wendell

Last week, I responded to the claim that technical analysis was akin to reading tea leaves and held no place in proper financial analysis. Anyone who has used technical analysis knows the value of it in order to identify the most probable direction and timing of market moves. In the same spirit, I do not want to downplay the usefulness of fundamental analysis either... READ MORE


Spreads & Correlations by Brandon Wendell

In past articles, I have written about inter-market relationships and the importance of analyzing related assets to determine the possible movement of a security. In the Technical Analysis Strategies class, we also learn the importance of related stocks and sectors to our stock analysis. Today, I want to discuss another tool that you can use to help identify environmental shifts that will usually lead to a change of price direction... READ MORE


Directionally Challenged by Brandon Wendell

Today in the Futures Extended Learning Track (XLT) class, we had a student trade review. For those of you not familiar with those sessions, it is where students can submit their winning and losing trades to be reviewed by an instructor. This is a very popular session as successful traders know that in order to improve, you must figure out what you are doing right, and wrong... READ MORE


How do I Trade it? by Brandon Wendell

As a former hockey player, I have spent my share of time on crutches. As a trader, I have done similarly. Technical indicators that we place on our charts simply offer a different perspective of past and current price action. These indicators are helpful but are also lagging as they depend on past price or even need a current close before sending a signal. Online Trading Academy graduates know that for the best trading opportunities, you need to rely on Supply and Demand to identify entries and exits... READ MORE


Using the Crutch by Brandon Wendell

As a former hockey player, I have spent my share of time on crutches. As a trader, I have done similarly. Technical indicators that we place on our charts simply offer a different perspective of past and current price action... READ MORE


Oscillator Patterns by Brandon Wendell

When traders use oscillators for trading decisions, they often use them incorrectly. Most will wait for a buy signal from an oversold oscillator crossing the line marking oversold, or they will wait for a sell signal from an overbought indicator crossing below the line. The problem with both of these signals is that they are lagging and will always signal you to enter or exit after a change in price... READ MORE


Money for Leads? by Brandon Wendell

As many of you know, I choose to trade more than just equities for several reasons. One reason is because I spot opportunities in these other assets as I am analyzing them for my stock trading. Previously, I have written about using commodities as a leading indicator for the stock market. In my last article, Mining for Leads, I wrote about using leading ETF's or markets to track the possible future movement of another... READ MORE


Mining for Leads by Brandon Wendell

With all of the market volatility lately, oil and gold have been heavily talked about and are an excellent opportunity for traders and investors. As a stock trader, you can play these commodities without having to open a futures account. ETF's such as GLD and USO are tradable in an equity account. There are even ultra commodity ETF's like UGL (Ultra Gold), GLL (Ultra Short Gold), UCO (Ultra Long Oil) and SCO (Ultra Short Oil) that use leverage to enhance returns when trading. You must be careful when using the Pro Shares Ultra ETF's as their light volume and leveraged nature also increases risk... READ MORE


Turning the Risk Radio by Brandon Wendell

Brandon demonstrates that on the risk radio, we have three knobs that we can adjust to increase or reduce the risk we face when trading the markets. Only by finding the right balance will we trade to the best of our abilities... READ MORE


Déjà vu All Over Again! by Brandon Wendell

B randon goes to the charts and technical data to discuss why he thinks the markets are in price shock, and why he feels we could be looking at a double-dip recession in the future. Traders and investors should be looking to reduce risk in the markets... READ MORE


When PIIGS Fly by Brandon Wendell

Brandon takes a look at the warning signs that can be acted upon to protect your capital and even profit from the dramatic movements as a result of market reaction (or overreaction) to the news... READ MORE


Find the Fool! by Brandon Wendell

As traders, we need to look for the novice traders who are foolish in their ways of thinking - traders who hear a hot tip, listen to a broker who pushes some brokerage inventory or watch the top performer lists on their computers. This week Brandon shares a way to find when the uneducated investor enter the market, which will lead to successful trades for you... READ MORE


Above Average, Part 2 by Brandon Wendell

Using the right tools at the right time is what proper trading is all about. As a followup to last week's article, Brandon looks at a more accurate way to identify the most precise moving average for the security and time frame you are trading... READ MORE


Price Elasticity and Bounces by Brandon Wendell

Learning to read price and its relationship to averages is a valuable skill that can be used in trading any market. This week Brandon focuses on a very useful characteristic of price that allows us to identify a trading opportunity using moving averages - elasticity... READ MORE


Patience Pays by Brendon Wendell

Brandon takes a look at an article he wrote three weeks ago where he showed a chart pattern that was occurring in the S&P 500 index. He shows you how being patient with the markets proved profitable... READ MORE


Land of the Free, Home of the Debtor by Brandon Wendell

Brandon takes a look at how in the US, we are facing a serious problem that will affect all Americans. He uncovers a few alarming trends and discusses how our status as a consumer/debtor nation is going to hurt us in the long run… READ MORE

Gap Play by Brandon Wendell

Using an example stock from late 2009, Brandon reveals one key thing to watch as you are looking at whether gaps, created by news on the stock or the markets in general, will fill quickly... READ MORE


Patterns: Fact or Fiction? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon discusses the importance of trading chart patterns properly - we want to take the professional trade, not the amateur one... READ MORE


More Harm than Help by Brandon Wendell

In a recent misguided attempt to "fix" the markets, the SEC voted 3-2 to reinstate a version of the old uptick rule. Brandon discusses how this is a clear example of acting for the sake of acting without fully understanding the problem or the impact of your decision. He demonstrates how this seems to be a case of where the medicine is worse than the illness itself… READ MORE


Do I Need It or Can I Live Without It? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon demonstrates that by looking at the rotation between staples and discretionary sectors, traders can gain additional insight as to the future direction of the markets… READ MORE


How Do I Trade? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon explains his style of trading - specifically, how he relies on the basic tools of supply and demand, using indicators as odds enhancers… READ MORE


What Time Is It? by Brandon Wendell

What time frame is best for trading? Brandon takes a look at this question and explains that it is a personal choice and why… READ MORE


Think You Can Buy the Bottom? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon explains that instead of being gripped by fear, we can profit from it. He takes a look at buying at the bottom - the real bottom… READ MORE



But It Beat Earnings… Why Didn’t It Go Up? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon explains some of the actions you see after earnings are released and the reasons behind the moves. He looks at three things to watch for when you are looking at earnings… READ MORE


Where is the Bear? by Brandon Wendell

The activity in the market continues to be confusing. Where it is headed is a mystery. Brandon takes a look at the charts and explains why he continues to be a nervous bull… READ MORE


2010, Back to the Future? by Brandon Wendell

Brandon goes back to a chart of the 1970's and takes a look at what 2010 might look like in comparison. He explains why he is a cautious bull at this point in time and why you should beware and do what the market is telling you… READ MORE