Bollinger Bands


Basics of Bollinger Bands For Investment Trading by Mark Deaton
The Bollinger Bands analysis tool is designed to predict highs and lows of a particular investment's price, whether the investment is in bonds, stocks or foreign currency. This analytical device was first developed by John Bollinger and has gained welcome acceptance among many investors and traders... READ MORE

Assessing Volatility With Bollinger Bands by Mark Deaton
Bollinger bands are one of the key tools used in modern trading and although each individual trader has their own preferred indicators, Bollinger bands are used often by nearly all traders. There a reason for that, and your about to find out what that reason is... READ MORE

Basic Range Trading With Bollinger Bands by Mark Deaton
Range trading is a basic technique used by novice traders and experts traders alike. The principles behind this technique rely on the price of a security moving back and forth within a certain price range... READ MORE


Advanced Bollinger Band Trading by Mark Deaton
[Finance:Currency-Trading] Bollinger band Trading can be used by traders for a number of purposes and that is part of their appeal. Novice traders can use them for simple trading methods or expert traders can take advantage of the data they provide to perform more complicated analysis on the market... READ MORE

Bollinger Bands - A Closer Look at a Powerful Indicator by Mark Deaton
The Bollinger Bands technique uses elements of statistics, supply management and technical analysis in order to come up with a set of bands which will help contain normal price action. The upper Bollinger Band should not be breached without some action from the trader to buy or sell the security... READ MORE

A Simple and Effective Bollinger Band Technique by Mark Deaton
A number of complicated Bollinger band techniques exist and these have been proven to be very reliable. Often these slightly more advanced strategies involve using Bollinger bands in conjunction with other indicators, but the average trader does not have to resort to these methods in order to glean some useful information on future market direction... READ MORE

Bollinger Band Trading by Mark Deaton
Bollinger band trading is so much more powerful than most people realize. Typically and even on the Bollinger band website the most common talked about Bollinger band set-ups will talk of a Bollinger band squeeze or expansion, and although these are great tools that lead to powerful Bollinger band set-ups they are not to be considered the sum of Bollinger bands... READ MORE


Bollinger Band Concepts by Mark Deaton
Many traders are aware of the general concepts of Bollinger bands, such as the price action tending to follow a band until a reversal, which then targets the other band. Bollinger bands can reveal much more information than this, however, and here are some concepts which you can use to explore your own interpretations of the chart. You should never ignore the center line of the bands... READ MORE

Bollinger Band Mastery by Mark Deaton
If I wanted to master Bollinger bands how would I go about it? Good question and the first thing is to understand what Bollinger bands is and what it measures. The bands are a representation of standard deviations from the mean, usually 1 to 2 standard deviations... READ MORE

Bollinger Bands in a Bad Economy by Mark Deaton
For traders/investors, adept reading of Bollinger bands allows a more sound investment both in terms of buying to play the market and buying to hold. When times are tough and the market enters a recession, what can we learn from Bollinger bands and how can we apply it? Is it possible to predict the easing of a recession by using Bollinger bands?.. READ MORE

Bollinger Bands - Advanced Tactics by Mark Deaton
In its simple form, Bollinger bands measures volatility in price action and signals to a trader points in time where price is highly likely to continue or reverse direction. When you get into the details regarding Bollinger bands it's kind of funny because the set-up for the reversal and the continuation are nearly identical. YES it's true... READ MORE

Bollinger Bands and Bear Markets by Mark Deaton
When a market drops steadily over time, there will be continuing interest in its behavior as traders watch to see if it will demonstrate a recovery in time. Signs of recovery may be no more than a sucker's rally, and early, rash judgments can cost you horribly. There is really no upper limit to how long a bear market can persist, but there are identifying markers which often point to a market stabilizing and presenting an opportunity for the attentive investor... READ MORE

How to Increase Profits With Bollinger Bands by Mark Deaton
Bollinger bands are one of the simplest and easiest indicators that can be used to improve trading results in any market. Developed by John Bollinger, Bollinger bands have become one of the most popular technical indicators used by successful investors. These bands are, in essence, volatility limit indicators plotted and graphed on each side of a moving average... READ MORE