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Ben Tippen


Ben studied Mathematics & Computer Science (B.Sc) at Kings College London.  He then qualified as a Certified Microsoft Professional. 

After Ben’s education, he worked in the motor trade and became Sales Director of a new franchise dealership.  He started day trading full time over two years ago and also runs his own computer sales and repair business.  Ben joined the Affinity Trading Group in May 2009 and became an instructor and coach for the Scalping division in January 2010.

He specializes in high volume scalp trading where he looks for very small moves with large volume positions.  Ben is responsible for a large portion of Affinity’s scalp trading volume, teaches the Affinity Scalp Trading Lab and is the lead Coach for Affinity’s Scalp Traders where he shows them how to Professionally and profitably  trade Affinity’s Capital. 


Ben also assembles specialized trading computers for Affinity’s traders as well as providing technical support on those systems.  Ben resides in the outskirts of London with his son.


Scalping with the Affinity Trading Group, Part II by Ben Tippen

Methods of entry - If you have read my previous article you will have a good idea what scalping is.  You will also have your direct access platform set-up like a scalper.  Now it is time to start to cover the strategy.  Before you start to look at stocks and decide whether it’s a good short or long trade you need to know the methods of entering a position.  From my last article I described the level 2 and the definition of adding or taking liquidity, which you will need to understand in order to get this next part.  To simplify the methods of entry I am only going to cover 2 at this stage.  They are called the momentum entry and the average-in... READ MORE


Scalping with the Affinity Trading Group, Part I by Ben Tippen

The basics: First what is scalping?  Well scalping is a word that is thrown around a lot when you hear day traders talk but really scalping is a particular style of trading.  It is a style that involves a high frequency of order tickets with a profit target of only a few cents.  The profit comes from the size of the orders.  An average scalper with Affinity Trading uses between 5,000 and 15,000 shares per position with the bigger traders going up to 200,000 shares per position.  This style of trading is not normally done by retail traders on retail accounts for two major reasons, good cost structure and special order routes... READ MORE