John Bartlett


John Bartlett specialises in teaching beginners trading using spreadbetting and forex, he regularly runs workshops in conjunction with clickevents and finspreads throughout the UK.

He has produced inexpensive courses on CD’s and designed the "Tornado Trend Trading System" for Forex beginners – Outspoken on industry rip off merchants, he believes that new traders should be cautious about spending hard earned cash, before they fully understand the risks involved.

John Bartlett Interview by John Bartlett

My background is financial services, about 10 years prior to finding trading I dabbled in traded options, I lost interest when it didn't make me rich in a few weeks, I blew my trial bank and forgot about it, continued selling executive pension schemes and and a friend sent me a mail shot from someone charging a lot of money to teach spread betting on futures and shares. It started from there, I spent money on a very poor A4 folder and an out of focus video! At least it started me thinking. With my knowledge of the internet I investigated further, opened an account with a spread betting company and promptly lost five figures in the first six months... READ MORE