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Alan Rich

Alan Rich is a full time trader and personal mentor to traders of all levels. He started his trading career eleven years ago working for a US trading company in the city and traded in London and Las Vegas and New York. He is a contributor to CNBC and the BBC money programme. In 2005 he entered a month long Day trading competition and had 19 straight winning days of live trading action. He continues to trade for a living and teaches others how to successfully Swing and Day trade the UK, US and FX markets. You can view his web site at or contact him at 


Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich by Paul Mullen

I think I've been trading for a living for 10 years and I realized back in the end of the '90s that if you trade for a living, you've got to go and find things that move. That's where you make the money, and American stocks are not just on the NASDAQ but on all the markets, are moved more the most so it makes it easier for the trader to daytrade, which is what I really enjoy. I swing trade on the U.K. market, as well... READ MORE


What makes a good trader? by Alan Rich

I think a good trader needs a trading plan that’s thought out in advance of taking a trade.  Then they need the strength of character to wait for the right circumstances to take the trade and carry it out without a second thought... READ MORE


The Traits of a Profitable Trader by Alan Rich

The Novice Trader: 

1. They tend to follow the crowd. • Watch what others are doing •  Find comfort in numbers
2. They avoid taking risk unless others are sharing the risk as well.
3. They feel that if others are buying then it is "ok" for them to buy, too... READ MORE


Learn From a Trader Not a Book by Alan Rich

Whilst many might start with a book first of all its worth remembering that to get good one needs to get some practical help from a trader with experience. When I first started I ended up trading in a way that my company wished me to trade. It benefited them more than me. An average trader at our company would make $48,000 month profits and pay $24,000 in commissions... READ MORE