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Steve Ward


Steve Ward is trader performance coach, FX trader and is the director of High Performance Trading. He provides specialised trader performance and psychology coaching and training programmes for traders in the retail, proprietary and institutional sectors and provides consultancy to trading and financial institutions across the globe working in the areas of trader recruitment, selection, assessment, training and development. He also co-manages a large team of professional traders in London, was a consultant to the BBC TV programme Million Dollar Traders and is a regular trainer at the London Stock Exchange. His book ‘High Performance Trading – 50 Practical Strategies To Enhance Your Trading Performance’ (Harriman House Publishing) is due for release on 30th November 2009.

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Failure & Adversity Enable Success by Steve Ward

All high performers go through tough times at some point. Michael Jordan was dropped from his high school basketball team, Kelly Holmes had persistent injury problems before eventually winning her double Olympic gold, Steve Redgrave was diagnosed with diabetes…the list is endless. It is almost like it is a natural part of the path to success, a challenge or challenges that have to be endured and survived in order to take you to the next level. Not unlike the hero in some ancient Greek mythology tale talking on the challenges in order to achieve the great prize... READ MORE


Deal With Negative Emotions Positively by Steve Ward

What states would you say are negative for you? Which feelings detract from your trading performance? Which emotions do you experience as a trader that prevent you from performing to the best of your abilities? How do they do this? How often do you experience these emotions? How do you deal with them? ...READ MORE


Mental Toughness for Traders

Research in performance psychology shows that, under pressure, some people are able to 'raise their game' and perform well, whilst others will perform below their potential.  Which are you?  How do you perform during crunch times in the market?  How focussed do you stay under pressure?  How mentally tough are you?....READ MORE


Trader as Risk

When you sit down to trade you do so knowing that upon entering the market you will be assuming some level of risk.  The amount of risk you are exposed to will depend on factors including your position size, the position size in relation to your capital, the market conditions, your style of trading (spread trading v outright trading), your discipline and personal risk management etc.....READ MORE


Getting a Measure of Your Trading Performance

When you are asked the question "How is your trading going?" what would your reply be, and on what evidence/data is that reply based?  Whether you answer 'alright', 'good', 'OK', 'great' or 'not so well', I would hazard a guess that for most of you, as is the case with most traders, that the key driver behind your analysis of your performance is your P&L.  Take a moment now to consider this question:  If you didn't get to see your P&L, how would you know how well you are trading?....READ MORE


Getting to the Heart of Trader Performance

One of the most talked-about topics when it comes to the area of trader performance is that of emotions, and the requirement for a trader to be able to control, or manage their emotions in order to be able to trade their potential.  It is likely that anyone who has traded will have experienced times where their decision-making has been emotionally driven rather than cognitively, obectively, and rationally driven.  Indeed, it is this impact of emotions on traders' decision-making that makes it such a key and important topic.....READ MORE


TRADERSQ Interview with Steve Ward

Steve Ward really came to trading by accident. When he made the decision to start his own business as performance coach for sportsmen and enterprises in 2002 he didn‘t seem to know how far he would get from that point. Finally he arrived in the finance sector to work with traders of all kinds. Why exactly traders? The reason is that there are astonishing parallels between professional trading and professional sport. From his experiences on both fields Steve Ward created a great coaching approach. In this interview he talks about the psychology of trading, the challenge of following rules and his coaching methods.....READ MORE