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TradersQ Guide to Options


Congratulations on picking our Options Course.  We believe this to be the most user-friendly and comprehensive online options course available.

The modules within this course are as follows:

Module 1 - Introduction to Options

What are Options?

The Right, not the Obligation

Types of Option - Calls and Puts

Types of Calls and Puts

Exercise (or Strike) Price

Expiration Date

Summary of Options Definition

Why Options?


Module 2 - Risk Profile Charts


Steps to Creating a Risk Profile Chart

Short Stock Risk Profile

Option Risk Profiles

Put Option Risk Profile

Module 3 - The 4 Basic Option Risk Profiles

4 Risk Profiles

Long Call Risk Profile

Short Call Risk Profile

Long Put Risk Profile

Short Put Risk Profile

Risk Profiles Summary

Module 4 - The Valuation of Options

Valuing Options

ITM, OTM and AT the Money (ATM) Calls

ITM, OTM and ATM Puts

Intrinsic and Time Value for Calls - Example 1: ITM

Intrinsic and Time Value for Calls - Example 2: OTM

Intrinsic and Time Value for Puts - Example 3: ITM

Intrinsic and Time Value for Puts - Example 4: OTM

The 7 Factors Affecting the Pricing of Options Premiums

Put / Call Parity Explained

Module 5 - In the Market Place



Placing your Order

Trading Tips


Exercise and Assignment

Understanding Option Symbols

Module 6 - The Greeks Part I


Delta - Δ

Delta Neutral Trading

Other Points to Remember

Delta Trading

What Does Speed Matter?

Delta Picture Summary

Gamma - Γ

Gamma Picture Summary

Module 7 - The Greeks Part II

Theta - Θ

4 ways to combat Theta (Time) Decay

Theta Picture Summary

Vega - K (also known as Kappa or Lambda)

Implied and Historical Volatility

About Volatility

Volatility Smiles and Skews

Vega Picture Summary

Rho - P

Rho Picture Summary


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TradersQ Option Course comes courtesy of Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen is the creator and originator of Flag-Trader, The OVI Index, Illuminati-Trader and OptionEasy. He is the author of the best selling trading books "Options Made Easy", "The Bible of Options Strategies" and "Volatile Markets Made Easy" (FT Prentice Hall) and has extensive experience of derivatives and stock markets. 

Guy's specialism is in stock market trading and he has created numerous online applications for stocks and options traders, with his hallmark being his user-friendly approach and liberal use of illustrations.  His clients include NYSE Euronext, the largest stock exchange in the world and FT Prentice Hall. 

An established and entertaining speaker, Guy has an MBA (Finance) from City University (Cass) Business School, London. 

Guy is also the author of "Your Gut Feeling", which is a self-help autobiographic which outlines his complete recovery from a severe case of ulcerative colitis. 

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