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Commodities Articles


Inflation & Commodities Importance by Jessie Roberts
An important link between interest rates and currency values is commodity inflation, which, unlike an individual area or country's business activity, affects all economies. As inflation rises and prices spiral upward... READ MORE


Gold, Fractional Banking, and Other Insanity by David S Adams
Many investors have taken advantage of the inflation fighting benefits of gold investing. To be sure, gold has offered decent returns and should have a place in a normal investment portfolio... READ MORE


Trading Silver and Gold by John Kenny Kitty
[Investing:Futures-and-Commodities] Trading Metals can be difficult and tough for both new and experienced traders. Let's analyze the point to know the fact about Future Metals... READ MORE

Trading Metals - The Fundamentals by John Kenny Kitty
[Investing:Futures-and-Commodities] In the global market, Precious Metals seem to draw the attention of everyone in Trading Metals. Precious Metals - Gold and Silver - are one of the hottest topics in Future Trading Commodities; that is why lots of investors and traders are likely to get into the Metals Market and buy Metals... READ MORE


The Forgotten Investment, Silver by Ilene Montage
Most of the talk these days centers on gold and gold investing. Its brethren, silver, appears to take secondary role as an investment metal and is thought of more as in jewelry and flatware than as a money making investment... READ MORE

Gold Trends by Ilene Montage
The world is changing and so is the way we invest. Gold once considered a marginal investment worn mostly in jewelry and stored in Swiss banks is making a comeback and has become the primary investment asset for may individuals and institutions. Wealth protection and capital preservation have taken center stage and gold is shinning once more... READ MORE


The Three Biggest Mistakes New Option Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them by James Cordier
When considering whether or not to allocate capital to an option selling portfolio, many of the resources you may have access to describe the "right" way to go about selling options. Whether you hire a professional manager or attempt to go it alone, knowing what to do seems to take precedence over what not to do... READ MORE

Introducing the Ratio Credit Spread For More Protection by James Cordier
In volatile markets, or markets with the potential to become volatile, option sellers often look for a layer of extra protection to cover their downside risk "just in case." An effective tool for accomplishing this goal in an Option Selling Portfolio is the Ratio Spread. Read on to learn more... READ MORE

Taking Early Profits With Option Buybacks by James Cordier

A common question among investors is, "Is buying an option just to have it expire, in fact, worthless?" Are there benefits to having your option sit through expiration? Yes!.. READ MORE

Structuring Your Portfolio For Option Selling Success by James Cordier

Learn how to properly deploy the "active" capital in your account. Properly deploying your funds can build not only a more risk averse portfolio, it can pave the way for solid account performance throughout the year... READ MORE

Surprising Key to Option Selling Returns - Managing Your Margin by James Cordier

How you manage liquid cash in your account has more to do with overall success than almost anything else you do. Read on to learn more!.. READ MORE


Gold as a Hedge Fund: Don't Miss Out by Natalia Kobseva

While paper-based investments and real estate are vulnerable to effects of changing times, gold soars. A precious metals investment may save a portfolio when all else fails. The old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”, has particular relevance to the current epoch of U.S. history. There’s a lot going on right now, much of it scary... READ MORE


The Double Edged Sword by Don Dawson

Anybody who trades Commodities will tell you there is risk involved. Like many stories about the Commodities markets, these risks are sometimes exaggerated. Many traders lose in the Commodity markets because they do not have an understanding of the margin and leverage involved with this asset class. For this very reason, Don spends a lot of time in class helping people to understand this risk associated with trading Commodity Futures... READ MORE


Meeting the Commodity Family by Don Dawson

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Commodity class is, "What is a Commodity?" This is a fair question, considering most investors are familiar with stocks and options. Don takes a look at the Commodity market asset class to see if we can remove some of the mystery and help answer that question in a little more detail... READ MORE


Traditional Charting of Commodity Spread Charts by Don Dawson

The frequency of Online Trading Academy's Commodities Futures classes is on the increase. Investors and traders alike are looking for alternative asset classes to diversify their portfolios. In class, we discuss various ways of trading the Commodity markets and one of them is Spread trading. This style of trading requires less capital and usually has reduced risk associated with it compared to outright Futures positions... READ MORE


Start Knowing to Trade Commodities by Jonathan Duncan

You will gain a new insight on commodity futures trading once you have decided to learn about trade commodities from commodity trading courses. In your commodity trading courses, you may learn about certain commodities such as grains or precious metals, or you may decide to acquire knowledge on the whole spectrum of global commodity markets...READ MORE